Nordic cuisine: sublime simplicity

Gestalten publishing house, in collaboration with Borderless Co., publishes Nordic by Nature, with recipes from the best restaurants in Denmark and much, much more.

Why Amsterdam is the mecca of denim

Who does not remember the rebellious and timeless style of a young James Dean? Holstered in tight jeans, as Lana del Rey sang. It may be the most iconic garment in fashion history and the one that has been reinvented the most since its creation. In recent years, Amsterdam has become the epicenter of this industry and the favorite destination for Texans lovers

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It is the beach of Cádiz. It reflects the heartbeat of the city and the idiosyncrasy of the neighborhood behind it, La Viña, a true carnival epicenter. In summer there is not even a pin. And if there is a gap, it is worth asking about its availability. Virtually every resident in La Viña has their fixed place in La Caleta. And that is respected.