Paris, the best getaway to pamper yourself if you are pregnant


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When you come to Paris, one of the first images that come to mind is that of its cafés where Parisians spend hours dizzy a glass of wine and tasting delicious cheeses (not pasteurized, well sûr!).

Luckily, after Parisian clichés, there are very appealing plans for future mothers, take advantage!


The Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel (251 Rue Saint Honoré) proposes a wonderful Babymoon Spa Break for future parents, like a romantic honeymoon that you will enjoy with your partner before the baby is born, in which you only have to worry about your well-being.

Let yourself be carried away by a relaxing stay that will begin with a delicious luxe breakfast in its Camelia restaurant or served in the room.

Mandarin Oriental Paris

The Mandarin Oriental spa offers the Babymoon, a honeymoon where you can pamper your body and mind © Mandarin Oriental Paris

A treatment for two will follow in a private spa suite . You will enjoy an exquisite Mum to Be treatment , more than an hour full of pampering and special oils that nourish and care for the skin.

Thanks to a traditional massage and aromatherapy you will relax the tensions of the body, especially those of the back and shoulders.

Meanwhile, next to you, the future dad will choose another sublime massage of his choice. You will also receive a private aqua-coaching session and some more surprises.

Continue to take care of yourself after giving birth with your Cocon pour Jeune Maman; a relaxation session that attenuates the stress that the body has been subjected to during pregnancy.

Rose oil penetrates the skin to stimulate cell renewal and help the body find its natural balance and oils with cynorhodon seeds, vitamin E and lavender help reduce the dreaded stretch marks.

Mandarin Oriental Paris

Post-pregnancy treatments will help you reduce stress and recover physically © Mandarin Oriental Paris


Maisie (32 rue du Mont Thabor)

Maisie is a pleasant café and a juice bar, inspired by Los Angeles, with 50s appliques, Bouroullec chairs, fresh tropical, colorful dishes and bowls in glazed stoneware.

It is a feel-good place, for those who follow a veggie diet in which to hydrate with cold squeezed juices; fresh cucumber waters with chia seeds; or a shine juice of carrot, green apple, celery, turmeric, aloe vera …

Those who need a crème, but have reduced caffeine, prepare the espresso shake with cashew milk, dates, cocoa, maca and some coffee.

Recharge yourself with vitamins with their nutrient-filled cornflakes, soups or a balanced snack (pea humus dips accompanied by gluten-free vegetable crackers; or energy balls, vegetable pulp, dates, and dried fruits, scented) coconut).

Complete the healthy circuit by signing up for your yoga classes for a smooth start-up after the baby arrives.

Maisie Café

Maisie, one of the essentials in the healthy route of Paris © Maisie Café

Peonies (81, Rue du Faubourg)

It is a café-florist with a feminine air and flooded with light in full turmoil of the fashionable neighborhood of Saint Denis; ideal for a break impregnated by the aromas of its freshly made cakes and the fragrance of its bouquets.

You can choose the flowers and compose your wild bouquet with a raffia packaging or let them prepare it for you. And if you are not very expert, you will appreciate the new floral workshops of your Peonies Studio.

As a healthy treat, taste its elderflower and pink or lemonade and raspberry lemonade; his avocado toast with cocoa grunt; its homemade pastry or its delicious matcha bio pancakes.

Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales ( 55 Rue de Bretagne)

If you feel like buying 100% natural infusions, this sophisticated boutique specializes in extraordinary plants and teas, since the time of Louis XIV; proposes your bio selection.

Suntox composed of turmeric, ginger, rosemary and hibiscus or Rivera, based on fennel and cassis seeds; They are perfect to start the day with energy and Âyurveda is ideal for tracing gray days, replacing coffees and exciting. Opt for Velvet Gardens if you are looking to gently fall into the arms of Morpheus.

If you prefer, you can try their spray equivalents or use their delicate beauty products. Let yourself be advised, you can calm the possible discomforts of pregnancy or improve circulation during the last months thanks to its rich natural formulas.

Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales

The Velvet Gardens infusion is ideal for falling asleep © Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales


The Cod House (1 Rue de Condé)

If after a few months of pregnancy you are bored of the thousand food recommendations, you can take off the bug of Japanese cuisine in this new Japanese restaurant in which, albricias !, not only offer sushi.

Taste its Asian and European-inspired specialties such as prawns with spicy mayonnaise, eggplant au gratin with miso, sea bass fillet with soy sauce, California ebi tempura rolls, Tokyo bravas, crispy chicken baths with sauce Tonkatsu, an original sepia tempura with jalapeño or its specialty, the black cod house.

The sweet ones will taste their desserts like the waffle with honey and green tea ice cream, the gyozas with apple and cinnamon or the frozen mochi . Cravings will disappear for a few days.

In your letter you will not find virgin cocktails but if you fancy a light (with infusions of yuzu, matcha or lemon verbena) its attentive barman service will prepare it without alcohol. The rest of the guests can opt for their wide selection of sake.

The Cod House

The Cod House is a paradise for Japanese cuisine lovers © The Cod House

Les Grands Verres (13 Avenue du Président Wilson)

In this restaurant of the Palais de Tokyo you will dine well and enjoy one of the fashionable places of the capital. Savor your original recipes; marinated vegetables with red sauce, labne and crispy falafel snacks; or chard with ribot milk, rhubarb, fennel and coriander juice .

Continue with the catch of the day flavored with herbs, carrots and currant butter or with a delicious spiralini pasta with clams, peas, radish butter and mint.

Give yourself a sweet caprice with your roasted peach, yogurt ice cream, cashew nuts and fenugreek honey; with its chocolate cake and sumac with meringue with rose or halva semifreddo and fig leaves dukkah with pistachios and cherries to arak. Ask for the table at the bottom next to the window, you will have an imposing view of the Eiffel Tower.

The night is not over, Hyacinthe Lescoët, one of the Parisian experts in the creation of cocktails, will serve you his delicious mixes in the imposing concrete bar of the bar. Its alcohol-free drinks are perfect for both a detox and your maternity regime.

Les Grands Verres

Les Grands Verres, one of the place-to-be of the French capital © Les Grands Verres

Balagan (9 rue d'Alger)

This bar-restaurant, decorated by the well-known Dorothée Meilichzon inspired by Tel Aviv, invites you to an exquisite cocktail menu such as the Green Side based on granny-smith, cucumber, verjus, elderflower and ginger beer. Future mom, take advantage of the good-être fashion in this trendy Parisian bar.

Its chefs prepare Mediterranean delicacies with an Israelite flavor such as roasted sea bass with white butter tahini and spinach sauteed with garlic, braised fennel and Persian lemon peas; or shish barak, vegetarian Lebanese ravioli with spinach and yogurt; the chicken beitr with caramelized onion and sumac; Ptitim risotto, a kind of couscous made with Sardinian frégula and accompanied by vegetables. If you can, install yourself in the bar; The presentation of the dessert will be a spectacle.

Restaurant of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards (17 boulevard Poissonnière)

This address that everyone talks about prepares delicious prawns; ventrèche de Bigorre, barley and bisque; Milanese stripe with vegetables and miso sabayon; coral linguine and hedgehog consommé; fusilli calabresi with crispy lamb and cime di rapa or monkfish teriyaki with celery rémoulade and chickpeas al pilpil. And for dessert it provokes you with a chocolate cake and cereal ice cream.

The Shell bar offers refreshing mixtures (with and without alcohol) such as Akoya, consisting of Purple carrot and coconut, verjus and kombucha; Green Fizz Granny Smith apple with parsley juice, ginger, lemon and maple syrup; or the Clear Water, based on cucumber juice, honey, basil, charcoal lime and smoked salt.

Hôtel des Grands Boulevards

The Shell, the bar of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards where you can mix with and without alcohol © Karel Balas

Fitzgerald (54 Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg)

Speakeasy style, the eponymous restaurant bar offers in your honor with "pregnant", an alcohol-free cocktail based on matcha green tea, pineapple juice, lime and ginger syrup. You will access the bar through its discreet padded door that gives way to an intimate and velvety lounge with high ceilings, walls decorated with prints from the 50s and sifted light in a style that honors the writer's dandy aura.

Your companions will appreciate your Zelda Martini or Thaï Kick combinations made with Hendrick's infused with kaffir leaves, spicy ginger syrup, bitter cardamom, lime and lemon.


Lil Weasel (1 and 4 passage du Grand Cerf)

Those who know how to knit and handle the needle and thimble will be dropped by this classic boutique located in a beautiful gallery of the nineteenth century. The less experienced can sign up for their sewing workshops.

In it you will find all kinds of hand-dyed wool balls, the French La Fée Fils, or the English Skein Queen or Knit by Number by John Arbon, and endless varieties of Liberty, Cotton and Steel, France Duval Stalla or C. Pauli fabrics, to make your baby's clothes. A charming boutique, like the ones before!

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Smallable (81 rue du Cherche Midi)

This concept-store has everything you need to dress your bout'chous and its surroundings (baskets, blankets, changing tables …) as well as clothes and decorative objects for the whole family presented in a beautiful staging.

You will enter looking for the cuquis brands, an organic cotton rattle, a frog or a sailor shirt à la française and you will take the entire store.

Bonton (5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire)

This très chic children's boutique, spread over several floors, sells clothes for newborns and the following ages. It also presents a varied range of toys, bedding, furniture, and all the unimaginable ways for the most BCBG tadpoles in Paris.

It offers a hairdresser for children, ideal for a few minutes while you shop, and a vintage photo booth with fun accessories to immortalize a beautiful memory.

Le Welcome Bio Bazar (10 rue Boulle)

It is a responsible boutique located near the Place de la Bastille in which to buy beautiful recycled toys or ornaments to prepare your bedroom.

It is divided into several spaces in which to make objects for the house, the kitchen or the garden; Vegan cosmetics and zero waste or a corner to rest with carrot juice and cake. If you stay in love with the place you can attend their courses.

You will find treasures in ecological matters and French clothes like Saint James and Poudre Organic; books, toys, stuffed animals, second-hand chairs or wooden figurines.

Welcome Bio Bazar

In Welcome Bio Bazar you will find household items, vegan cosmetics, toys, clothes of French firms and you can even attend their courses © Welcome Bio Bazar

Center Commercial Kids (22 rue Yves Toudic, 75010)

It is one of the most branchés addresses in Paris dedicated to babies and children from 0 to 14 years old; an ethnic and cool concept store located in the Canal Saint-Martin with some very “silly” collections that delight the mothers of the droite rive. They also organize workshops for children.

If your models give you envy, a few meters away there is the adult version, with very leading brands. The best thing is that everything is for sale in it, including furniture.

WOMB (93 rue de Réaumur)

World of my baby, is one of the trendiest boutiques for future Parisian parents looking for childcare and decoration products. It exhibits children's furniture, strollers, pajamas, bags, cushions, toys, gift boxes for birth and designer clothes.

Bonpoint (42 la rue de l'Université)

To get some classic sets for your future creature, you can go through its traditional Parisian addresses (located on the right or left bank of the river) or opt for its outlet located on the rue de l'Université.

Centre Commercial Kids

In Center Commercial Kids you will find the coolest clothes and accessories © Center Commercial Kids