Today is the day of the Gardening naked, do you sign up?


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There are ephemeris of all kinds. The most conventional, such as mother's or father's day, we have them controlled (and if not we usually remind you with traveling articles or recommendations), but there are other dates marked in the calendar that, not to be less known, deserve less attention.

March 14 was the day chosen in 2009 by the US Congress. to honor the mathematical constant Pi (3.14 coincided with the nomenclature of American dates), last month in New York fervently celebrated the International Pillow Fight Day (April 5), yesterday we noticed Star Wars Day and - Thank God - a Peruvian court banned five years ago the Gastronomic Festival of the Cat of La Quebrada that consisted of eating meat of this pet during the Day of Santa Ifigenia (September 21).

Today, March 5, we want to pay special attention to a much more fun and enjoyable date that every year is gathering more strength outside our borders - perhaps because it combines two of the most comforting practices that exist, nudism and gardening -: it's about Naked Gardening Day.

Unos se tapan estratégicamente y otros prefieren mostrarse al natural.

Some are strategically covered and others prefer to be natural. © iStock


To answer this question we wanted to consult an expert in the field, because about walking around without clothes we may know for a while, but in the art of gardening we are a little lost.

Publicist by profession and passionate about plants –which takes care with fervor on his terrace–, Luis Rodríguez is the name that hides on Instagram after the pseudonym @moderngardener. In his blog,, the same presents a new design showers that reviews a book on how naturists and explorers traveled thousands of kilometers over a century ago in search of those exotic plants and flowers that are common today in our pots (The plant hunters, 'The plant hunters', by Carolyn Fry).

“The Day of the bare gardening consists in carrying out the activities of any garden or terrace, but with a small nuance: do it in leather. Whether in a public or private place, the founders encourage staff to get rid of their clothes and claim the naturalness of their bodies, ”explains Luis Rodríguez.

Are you ready for the next World Naked Gardening Day? #wngd Next saturday 5th of may. Tan this bridge and get ready for gardening in pellets # wngd18 #gardening #nudism #nudism @experiencenaturism A shared publication of (@moderngardener) on Apr 25, 2018 at 9:37 PDT


“We might think that Adam and Eve were the pioneers of this refreshing gardening modality, but the truth is that it was the uninhibited editor of Nude & Natural magazine, Mark Storey. It seems that the sense of humor was among one of his qualities and used to make cameos in the middle of the city showing his goodness. One day inspired by a morning breeze he came up with the idea of ​​creating an ephemeris for bare gardening, ”replies the founder of @moderngardener with irony.

The movement was gaining strength through social networks and surely if you consult today the hashtag #WNGD you will run into lots of photos of people without any clothes and with lots of vegetation around. “Often bunches of carrots, cacti or petunias are strategically placed between the target and the most controversial parts of the friendly participants. Laughter, stupor, own or other people's shame already depend, as always, on the eye of the one who looks, ”concludes Luis, who also urges us to be attentive“ just in case your boss, fellow student or neighbor is encouraged to join the announcement".

It's time to get forking in your borders! Oh yes, it's World Naked Gardening Day! Have fun, but mind the brambles! (photos by the brave @gingerhorticulture) #WNGD #GrubbyGardeners A shared post by Michael Perry -Mr Plant Geek ™ (@mr_plantgeek) on May 5, 2017 at 11:23 PDT


So expanded is the Wold Naked Gardening Day in the Anglo-Saxon world, that there are even gardening blogs where they break down a series of recommendations in case you finally dare to participate in this day. Here are a few:

Try to stay away from thorny bushes such as roses and bougainvillea.

Check before your city laws or the rules of your neighborhood community if you want to avoid finding a fine for public scandal in the mailbox.

Leave the power tools for another day, do not go cut something unintentionally and end up with your photo published on the Internet but for another reason.

And very important: use sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors because the hidden areas (and this winter and spring have been hidden for a long time, I assure you) are more sensitive to sunburn.

Busca las imágenes del Día de la jardinería al desnudo con el hashtag #WNGD.

Search for images of Gardening Day in the nude with the hashtag #WNGD. © Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash