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We all know that being up to date in Chueca is as difficult as grabbing the Roadrunner's feathers and whipping them. The day that a new place is not inaugurated, the one next door closes, the one in front is completely remodeled or the one from beyond is reconverted when we also all know that the bolt will be thrown before blowing candles (creednos, there are authentic cemeteries Indians in the neighborhood ).

We bring a couple of fresh openings that, we dare to bet, will not be of these, but of those that remain, and that have a couple of things in common:

1. The two are born after the success of other restaurants of the same owners in the neighborhood.

2. In both the embers carry the singing voice: one in the form of a grill ; another, in a wood oven .

Arde Chueca

Burns Chueca © Alamy

The first, Charrúa is Cannibal's new brother. Its owners, a tandem formed by a Galician and a Uruguayan, repeat here the formula that has already reaped good success in A Coruña, betting on having the two premises a stone's throw away.

If in Cannibal, with a name for true hounds, the specialty was raw, a large grill in sight is around everything that revolves in Charrúa .

Even the name honors grilled: it is that of a tribe of great hunters who lived in what is now southern Urugay during the 16th century, for which fire (as here) was an essential element.

Charrúa, el reinado de la brasa Reserve

Charrúa, the reign of the grill © Charrúa

Reserve your table

The design of the place is elegant, with personality, with perfect lighting and a more winter atmosphere, for carpets imitating cowhide (probably in winter we will appreciate both this and the fireplace).

Some strategically placed candles, a single canvas wearing the walls, some dry branches and, yes, a large golden sun made of metal, as a tribute to Uruguay, are the only dressings.

Nor is much more needed when you have wooden beams and original iron columns, all in black and white bichromia, crockery included, which can remind even of Korean ceramics .


Fire, keep it on fire! © Charrúa

The letter goes to what goes: here you eat meat . In different cuts and from different countries, but always meat : from the Entrecote de steer or the typical Argentine chorizo steak (or Uruguayan, in this case) to the Black Angus Picaña “prime” Nebraska (22 euros / 300gr), passing through Chuletón Galician blonde with 40 days of maturation (at 60 Euros per kg), German Simmental Loin (1/2 kg; 41 Euros), Black Angus High Loin (1/2 kg) or a hamburger . To accompany, mash, sweet potato, grilled vegetables or traditional fries (very good), which can be truffle oil and Parmesan.

After the olives with anchovy from L'Escala and the butter with salt, courtesy of the house, we can start, as we put ourselves, with a Creole sausage, a blood sausage or a gizzard .

Or try (we say well, try) to compensate the protein with green with one of their salads: the burrata with tomato and basil or the spinach, dried tomato, avocado, savora and honey dressing and parmesan flakes.

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If the thing in Charrúa goes from proteian, in Hot Now, our second premiere, it is a plea of ​​defense to carbohydrates . The pizzas are here you love and ladies. Its name comes to the hair, it is burning, it takes less than a month and they have already become famous for word of mouth and for the favored portraits of them shared with all kinds of compliments on Instagram.

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In this case, Hot Now is the “second part” of another successful restaurant in the neighborhood, Kuoco 360 (Mediterranean-Asian fusion), by the Venezuelan Rafa Bérgamo and Andrés Correa . It is an informal place with only a table run to share (and banquets that open for you to store your things) without tablecloths, and a kitchen (a wood oven) in sight designed to go with friends to snack something and have a few beers (also a good selection of fun artisans).

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The pizzas come out round (wink, wink), finite and with the fattest edges, as the Neapolitan tradition dictates.

They are made with a sourdough with 72 hours of fermentation to make them more digestive and light. You can choose from a dozen. La Margarita includes fior de latte cheese and grana padano ; Pepperoni's (spicy eye!) has a little honey, a contrast that is divinely; and the Truffled Durrata Pizza, a very fine stracciatella .

Other more iconoclasts are that of Pistaccio (pistachio pesto, candied tomato zucchini, panko and fresh lime zest) or Mexicana (waist, gorgonzola, reggianohuitlacohe, lardo and chervil).

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To open your mouth while waiting for the pizzas (ensure that a couple of minutes) you can order some entrees .

Do not expect an antipasto to use, because here, in addition to the Burrata pugliese, you can try a Shrimp Tiradito, a Roast beef of low-ripened tenderloin, which is made for 24 hours at low temperature; Guacamole, hummus or a taboule (but quinoa).

As you can imagine, desserts are not lacking in desserts. Tiramisu is made of oreo cookies ; Nutella's Pizza has strawberries and marshmallows and the chocolover. It is NOT a coulant or a chocolate pyramid !, but a cookie-based tub that is the closest thing to airing a Nutella boat in one sitting.

Who has never dreamed it?

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Charrúa (Conde de Xiquena Street, 4); Hot Now (Barbieri, 14)

Half price

Charrúa: around 45 euros; Hot Now: around 20 euros.