LA Sushi: Californian sushi and hooligan in Madrid


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Spanish kitchens are full of intrepid self-taught, daredevils of the avant-garde, anonymous purists, lancers of fusion cuisine, of exotic gurus . And then there's Alejandro Casado, the creator of Banzai who, paraphrasing Walt Disney, "thought, believed, dreamed and dared." His last boldness: open a new LA Sushi, even more in his own way.

Sala principal de L.A. Sushi

LA Sushi main hall © DR

Casado studied Infant and Computer Education; and he left them halfway. He started working in cocktail bars at night and after a few months he stayed with his first pub in Alcalá de Henares. He came to write a book about a database on the record industry and sales lists, a world to which he dedicated many years of his life. He started working at Warner and ended up being the director of the Atlantic Records label in just four years. Fun fact: he took the Cabriolets of the missing Bimba Bosé . De Warner traveled to Sony until in 2009 he felt the call of restoration. And then, Banzai and everything else appeared .

"I discovered that the restoration was a true vocational job. I know how to cook since when I was a child the height of my eyes reached the handle of the pan, " Alejandro says with a laugh. And his father was already taking him on the road to the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid in the 90's. “I really learned to cook a little self-taught. When I was very young, I spent hours and hours observing on the sushi bars trying to get information uselessly . Based on a lot of mistakes and a lot of practice I reached the current level, "he adds.

L.A. Sushi

LA Sushi © DR

The LA Sushi concept is similar to Banzai, but evolved, recreating in its version of Californian sushi . Its name comes, Alejandro says, from an outburst of bravery, almost recognizing that the sushi we eat in Spain is not Japanese; but rather American. Because it seems that the new Japanese restaurants are not looking for more than masking, putting traditional music and bamboo everywhere, almost hiring Asian waiters without any criteria, possibly to give context to a proposal that from the first course is already empty .

Tempura tigre de L.A. Sushi

Tempura tiger of LA Sushi © DR

“My way of making sushi is not Japan; It's California In addition, in a rather thug way, ”says Casado. And is that in LA Sushi, we see a lot of roll, a lot of sushi, a lot of niguiri and a lot of version of everything. They also introduce some curious baths such as carrilla pibil or Iberian bacon. They also bet on handmade artisan gyozas (and death to the frozen!) With licenses ranging from chicken to curry, to vegetables and cheek to Pedro Ximénez .

Delicious tarts, Iberian prey or flambéed sea bass niguiris, lemon fish ceviches and their tiger tempura, one of their star dishes, a recipe from Chef Nobu's house that, according to the chef, was made with lobster in the beginning.

Roll Crunchy Salmón de L.A. Sushi

Roll Sushi Salmon Crunchy © DR

In a Japanese restaurant you have to have sashimi yes or yes ; and with the quality of the fish it is not played in LA Sushi. Tuna, for example, belongs to the nurseries of Balfegó, in Tarragona, a benchmark in regards to the breeding of one of the best tunas in Spain. The octopus is Galician, and there is no doubt here: “the octopus sashimi served there is a kind of hard and tasteless shoe sole. Here we cook it with love, ”says the chef.

Don't forget winks at the Nikkei kitchen with their little bluefin tuna fish that are christened with Bloody Mary. In addition, as Alejandro does what he wants, he dares to include in his menu products as own as the Iberian prey between meats or Catalan cream in desserts . "The purism in Spanish gastronomy is necessary. I am puzzled by the amount of people who invite you to eat at home and prepare a teriyaki or a ceviche, and have no idea to cook a good stew. I do not understand, really".

The terrace works throughout the year, with the same menu as the lounge and without supplement. In addition, lovers of single tables have their hedonistic moment in the bar, within an open space, careful, comfortable and almost as warm as the same staff. We certainly accept ship.

Tiradito de vieira de L.A. Sushi

La Sushi Scallop Tiradito © DR


Because Carmen Brujó has managed to convey in the interior the warmth that a sushi restaurant needs without falling into the topics. Because the interpretation of Asian cuisine is perhaps an unusual point. Because we love eclecticism in the kitchen even when flirting with madness. Because his letter is perfectly suitable for non-supporters of Japanese cuisine; The discussions are over.

Ceviche de Hamachi de L.A. Sushi

LA Sushi Hamachi Ceviche © LA Sushi


The reserved WITHOUT DOUBT . A space for 12 people in the basement of the restaurant. It is a green space, cozy and almost privileged; Ideal for meetings of friends, company events and even presentations or a show cooking. Those who seek more exclusive experiences can even order a private dinner in which Alejandro cooks them privately.

Reservado de L.A. Sushi

LA Sushi Reserved © DR


Address : C / Principe de Vergara, 252

Telephone: 918 31 99 68

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 to 24.00

Medium Ticket: 35 euros