The new Federal Café or how to brunch every day in a traditional square


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" Every time of doubt needs a landscape, " wrote Luis García Montero in I know that tender love chooses its cities. And just like every new passion takes a home, every new window to look out for with a delicious late breakfast is an opportunity to stop time, savor the present and fix the world between Benedictine eggs, homemade cakes and delicious coffee .

Exterior del Federal Café (Conde de Barajas, 3)

Exterior of Federal Café (Count of Barajas, 3) © Federal Café

The Federal Café is an old acquaintance for the inhabitants of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Girona and Madrid, but since May 15, in Conde de Barajas, 3, you will have the opportunity to rediscover a new version with terrace, a plant with a large table to share and individual (here you can work taking advantage of its free Wi-Fi ) and a lower floor in which its 50s decoration seems to embrace the traveler (note: perfect epicenter for a second date ).

Entrada del Federal Café (Conde de Barajas, 3)

Federal Café Entrance (Count of Barajas, 3) © Federal Café

Although the Federals are franchises, their founders, Australians Tommy Tang and Crick King, are still linked to the project. You will notice it in his love for coffee, his kangaroo burger or the local stamp paintings.

Terraceo en Federal Café

Terraceo in Federal Café © Federal Café

Let us tempt. On the counter cookies and homemade cakes dance tempting. The best thing about this brunch is that you send here: there is no closed menu . Are you one of those who follow every last trend of Instagram? Ask for the Chia pudding with almond milk, hemp, banana, cocoa nibs and maple syrup (5.50 euros) or the banana, ginger and hazelnut bread served hot with mounted espresso butter (4.50 euros).

Siéntete como en casa en el piso inferior del Federal Café (Conde de Barajas, 3)e de Barajas, 3

Feel at home on the lower floor of Federal Café (Conde de Barajas, 3) © Federal Café

Of course, whatever happens, do not miss their eggs Benedict, with spinach, smoked salmon, avocado or English bacon (9.80 euros).


Terrace + delicious coffee + homemade pastries = absolute happiness (and every day until four in the afternoon!).

Huevos benedictinos en el Federal Café

Benedictine eggs in the Federal Café © Federal Café


Australian butter toast with honey (2.70 euros) and toast with Vegemite (2.70). This last spreading cream is very popular in Australia. Made with yeast extract, dark tone and salty flavor, it will not leave you indifferent.

Teletransporte YA

Teleport NOW © Federal Café


Address: Count of Barajas, 3

Brunch price: 15 euros.

Telephone: 918 52 68 48 (does not support brunch reservations)

Hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 00.00; Fridays and Saturdays 9:00 from 1:00; Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The brunch schedule is every day from 09:00 to 16:00.

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Federal Café en la plaza de Conde de Barajas

Federal Café in the Plaza de Conde de Barajas © Federal Café