The London Picture Map, the map to travel in images through the London of the past


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There are historical images, such as seeing the ravages caused by the bombings of World War II. There are architectural ones, with which to appreciate the process of building those monuments that fascinate us so much today. But there are also customs, scenes of the daily life of people who inhabited this city five centuries ago, count in Citylab. Streets that no longer exist and others that we step on our getaways. A journey through time and history.
The London Picture Map is the result of two years of work by Collage, a society that provides free and online access to more than 250, 000 images that portray the city from the 15th century to the present day. This material comes from the archives of the London Metropolitan Archive and the Guildhall Art Gallery, explained on the Smithsonian website. Mapping gives us wonders in the form of visual trips to the past.

The London Picture Map, el mapa para viajar en imágenes por el Londres del pasado

A vintage Google Street View © Collage. The London Picture Archive

To take a digital tour of the most vintage London, you just have to choose an area of ​​the city on the map and, after several clicks with which you can narrow down and increase the accuracy of your search, you will arrive at images, paintings, drawings and posters of the area that occupies your interest.
Due to the enormous volume of material that agglutinates the map, from the Collage website they recommend using the search engine, entering names of the streets and locations that appear on the map, not that of the photos. So far (the map was released last week), the podium of the most popular searches is occupied by churches and chapels, coffee shops and Leicester Square.