The best beaches for surfing in the Algarve


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We will tiptoe, without talking much and being respectful of the locals. We will be accompanied by the most famous surfer in the area: Marlon Lipke . Of German descent and one of the few Europeans who has been among the 45 best professional surfers in the world, Lipke has shown us where to find the best waves in the Algarve this summer.

The temperatures will be mild between 15 and 30º in the air, and about 18º in the water. We will avoid the agglomerations and the logical route from North to South and, from there, to the East. We will be discreet, focusing on essential spots and villas in which to stop to taste a bass, a francesinha and a local beer. We start!


This unique and classic town will be the axis of our adventures that will take place between Lagos, Aljezur and Sagres. Located where the N125 and N268 roads meet, its strategic location will give us ease of movement to discover the incredible beaches and waves that hide between these three Portuguese municipalities.

In the first place, we will visit Lagos because almost everything is cooked in its great bay. From there, we will move, improvise, depending on the rhythm of the waves and winds, having as a compass a series of essential destinations. Back to Vila do Bispo, a visit to Salema is imposed to eat fresh fish: there will be no waves, but the good atmosphere to disconnect from the water is guaranteed.


Between rocks and coves, we find Castelejo and its multiple peaks. We throw ourselves headlong with the board and a 3/2 wetsuit to the summer seas it receives. On our way north, a stop is imposed in Cordoama. Resist for a while the attraction of water and do not stop climbing to its viewpoint: that the Atlantic combs you and that you discover the mysteries and coves that the Algarve keeps.

Once focused on the route in search of waves, the mandatory stop is Amado Beach. Place of worship and large influx of Andalusian surfers, withstand the north wind and its beach bars, surf schools and parking lots will make you travel to a nearby California.

The most frequented Bordeira and Carrapateira are also essential . The north and west seas are well suited to this last beach, with weak winds from the south or east, as in almost the entire Portuguese west coast.

Aviso te enamorarás de praia do Amado

Notice: you will fall in love with praia do Amado © Alamy


If there is a curious and transit town for the surfer that is Aljezur. Classic villa on arrival from the north from Lisbon. Its reference beach is Arrifana. A dream descent with restaurants and lots of life. Hold the north wind and hide very funny waves with loose peaks. In fact, with a lot of sea the solid wave of the right of the stone appears, and that is major words.

Near Aljezur, a little further north, a place like Monte Clérigo is a good bet if what we are looking for is somewhat less exploited, with a beautiful town and good waves. Surely you have no problem putting the towel: its sand is huge and is well protected by two cliffs. A look at Amoreira never exceeds, a new sandbar can surprise you with east winds.

Praia da Arrifana

Praia da Arrifana © Alamy


Before arriving in Sagres, stop. Punta Ruiva awaits you, if what you want is adventure : hidden, capricious and a reference in affordable lefts. What are you waiting for!

After this surfing tour, we arrive at Sagres and its classic spots: Beliche, Mareta and Tonel. There has been much talk about the party and the waves in this area and we stop there. Because what has not been talked about so much is the winter seas and the south coast, and that is that Zavial and his companions do not lavish much, and we keep them for future deliveries.

Playa del Tonel en Sagres

Tonel Beach in Sagres © Alamy