The best pools of Gredos to bathe (at most, two hours from Madrid)


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Getaways less than two hours drive from Madrid

The town of Guisando itself has next to the urban case the natural pool Charco del Risquillo, with beach bar included. But if we want a more feral pool we must continue a kilometer up the camping road. There we will find again the river Pelayos dammed and converted into El Charco Verde .

Those who endure the cold can enjoy its waterfall and, prize, lie on the stone heated by the sun. To eat, three restaurants to choose from: the Camping Los Galayos (the terrace next door, if there are many people can be delayed to infinity), the Fogón de Gredos (reasonable value for money, also with hostel ) and El Tropezón ( famous throughout Spain for its T-bone steak from Ávila, essential to book ). If we want pozitas with more privacy we can look for them upriver.

¿Podrás resistirte a El Charco Verde?

Can you resist El Charco Verde? © Jesús Casañas


In the throat of the Prado de Tablada, just past Villarejo in the direction of San Esteban del Valle (AV-P-706), we will see on the right this natural pool of grasslands with sloping grass, icy water (only for the brave) and beach bar in the other shore, where to take a few bottles with tapas from the area (chips or crumbs) and eat at a set table (whenever we have booked, something advisable on weekends).

The paellas (there are mixed and vegetables) and the coffee are highly recommended. Of course, it does not allow pets.

El Vitillo

The Vitillo © Jesús Casañas


In the middle of Cuevas del Valle, next to the Roman road, they dam the Pasaderas river in summer, forming this small natural pool in which to relieve heat. Next to it is the bar-restaurant El Pontón, specializing in roasts that also opens only the summer months. Both accept pets.

In addition, in that period the owners of the restaurant decorate the path to the pool with a multitude of wooden signs that indicate the names of each plant, turning the access into the “enchanted forest”, with a stream of drinking water and stones to jump into the other shore which included scallops.


On the outskirts of the town, along the road that goes to El Hornillo (AV-P-711), we will see the dammed Arenal river on the right and arranged as if it were a swimming pool. Parking, grassy meadows, beach bar, picnic area and even stairs to enter the water. Easy access and all services, ideal for families. Arenas de San Pedro is the largest town in the area (it gives its name to the region), so it is quite busy.

Cuevas del Valle

Caves of the Valley © Jesús Casañas


Especially magical enclave thanks to the landscape offered by the Roman bridge (walkable and by car), about 2.5 kilometers from the town (also on the AV-941). The cold waters of the Barbellido River cool a multitude of bathers throughout the summer before joining the Tormes River. It has a recreational area where you can eat the sandwich in the picnic area or throw a restaurant.

El pozo de las paredes

The Well of the Walls © Reyes Prieto


The Tormes River offers multiple bathing areas to the villages on the north face of Gredos . One of the most pleasant and quiet is El Charco del Molino, on the bridge of the small town of Zapardiel de la Ribera (AV-941). Ideal place to relax by reading a book . In addition, the old mill of the nineteenth century has been restored and converted into the rural house El Molino de la Luz.

Casa Rural El Molino de la Luz

The puddle of the mill © Casa Rural El Molino de la Luz


A long hour from Madrid, following the swamp road (CL-501), we arrive as soon as we enter Ávila in the Tiétar Valley. After crossing the town of La Adrada we must take a detour to the right, on either side of Arroyo los Hornillos . In just one minute we will see it dammed in La Pinara, a bathing area that in summer also has two bars / restaurants, one on each shore. It has a small waterfall in which to receive a massage sitting on the stone and an area of ​​sand that emulates a beach, although the youngest entertain themselves by jumping into the water from the dam itself . Dogs cannot access the aquatic area. If we want to spend the night, next to it there is a campsite where cabins are rented (Paraíso del Tiétar). Its easy access and its proximity to Madrid make it saturated enough.


If we continue along the swamp road we also have this option. You have to cross the town (get to the right as soon as you enter if we go from Madrid) and go up like a kilometer until we see cars on the sides of the road. This pond dam the Garganta del Nuño Cojo, where the bravest dare to dive by jumping from the rock on the first shore . On the other side we have a beach bar where we can have some beers or eat something. Overbooking on weekends.

La Pinara

La Pinara © Jesús Casañas


The closest thing to a beach you'll find in Ávila. It is after the San Juan Swamp going from Madrid, and is also formed by the waters of the Alberche River. When passing San Martín de Valdeiglesias along the swamp road (M-501) we must turn towards El Tiemblo on the N-403. The bathing area will be found between that town and the next one, El Barraco . The water is warm, but you better bring an umbrella if you do not want to die in a beet. Adjacent to the road there is a bar / restaurant as a viewpoint where you can eat or have a drink while enjoying the panoramic view of the enclave .


Passing Candeleda and bordering with the Cacereña area of ​​La Vera we will find this paradise pool. If we do not want many complications we can stay in the Recreational Area of ​​Los Riveros, with a natural pool and beach bar. To get to this pool in the middle of nature we will have to get off the car and continue on foot about 30 minutes upriver, so if we go in summer we will have to get up early so as not to suffer a sunstroke along the way, and likewise return when the late. Once there, fresh water, much more privacy and shade on the shore. Bring water, food and sunscreen .

Embalse de El Burguillo

El Burguillo Reservoir © Jesús Casañas


The commonwealth of La Vera is the extreme part of the Sierra de Gredos, on its southern slope. Throughout their villages we will discover, thanks to the tributaries of the Tiétar River, a multitude of throats in which to take a bath, so many that they would give for themselves for another report. We stayed in this with one of the most iconic: the Gorge of Rooms, recognizable thanks to its homonymous medieval bridge . After enjoying the Eduardo Manostijeras tuned hedges that adorn the road of the town of Losar de La Vera, we will reach the gorge about 3 kilometers towards Madrigal de La Vera by the EX-203, with different pools along the river. It has a couple of restaurant bars (Fogón Verato and Restaurante La Parrilla) and also a campsite (Godoy).

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Embalse del Burguillo

Burguillo Reservoir © Jesús Casañas

See 12 photos

Getaways less than two hours drive from Madrid