Restaurant of the week: El Duende de Fuego, the kitchen of empathy


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This gastrobar located in the heart of the Canary Island of La Palma is an oasis of healthy recipes adapted for food intolerances in which the nearby organic product is the real protagonist.

Pedro Hernández Castillo is a Palmero chef who has put all his talent in his gastronomic proposal: conceptual kitchen retrofitted . From his restaurant he proposes a renovation of the usual kitchen without losing authenticity, using organic product, of proximity - has accreditation of kilometer 0 -, and taking into account all allergens, with a detailed menu and full of options. So much so that in El Duende de Fuego celiac or lactose intolerant they feel as free as a person without allergies.

Friendly and outgoing, Pedro has a deep knowledge of Canarian cuisine that is reflected in all the dishes he makes. After working abroad for several years, he decided to return to his island and launch what he describes as “the kitchen of empathy”, the project of his life.

Pulpo en salmorejo de El Duende de Fuego

Octopus in Salmorejo from El Duende de Fuego © El Duende de Fuego

“I wanted to create a place where carnivores and vegans, people with intolerance problems and those who eat everything could sit at the same table, ” Pedro tells In the kitchen of his restaurant, located in Los Llanos de Aridane - the municipality with more inhabitants of the island -, he applies all the knowledge learned during his career, while at the same time offering exemplary support to local farmers and winemakers, making shine the native product in imaginative ways, combining island and international flavors.

The Fire Goblin menu is subdivided into several sections, but there is no doubt that the first bite should be a cured goat cheese from La Palma, one of the most recognized palm products internationally, and also the most delicious.

To accompany it, nothing like the bread of the house that Pedro elaborates in an artisanal way. There are several options, wheat and spelled, buckwheat for celiac and also breads with flavors, such as figs or tunos, for example.

Queso de la tierra, quesos de La Palma

Cheese from the land, cheeses from La Palma © El Duende de Fuego

Pedro's dishes have a lot of color and the presentation is very careful. The Chop and Share section of your letter includes options like duck breast with roasted fruit and red curry sauce, cod nose with guava aioli or cous cous salad, green papaya with coriander mojo vinaigrette . The rice section includes rice with confit pig and eco red wine and the suggestions, it is worth trying the old octopus clothes, a dish from the land.

The wine list is no stranger to the principles of proximity and kilometer 0 seconded by Pedro. From the same it presents a great offer, very varied, of native wine from all over La Palma and it is worth letting itself be recommended.

Finally, the desserts, exquisite, but without abusing the sweet factor. In fact, as Pedro explains, many of the desserts are suitable for diabetics because they have no added sugar. Yogurt ice cream with strawberry jam, almonds and honey is already a classic on your table.

Pedro has devised several options for chocolate lovers, from his Chocolaterapia dessert, a bitter cocoa cake with roasted almonds and chocolate ice cream to chocolate ice cream with chilli, ginger and cocoa sauce, it is worth experiencing the different interpretations that It makes chocolate.

Arroz meloso con caracoles de El Duende de Fuego

Muddy rice with snails from El Duende de Fuego © El Duende de Fuego

The bar, located on a street with little traffic, has large wooden tables and a small bar with high chairs. The decoration is simple, unpretentious. And the showcase next to the bar, full of jars with pickles, bottles of wine, vegetables and fresh fruits is a declaration of intent. The informal and relaxed atmosphere invites you to enjoy the gastronomic experience.

This year the Fire Goblin celebrates its first five years and Pedro is still full of enthusiasm. Without a doubt, his work in defense of the native product, his sustainable credentials and his exquisite recipes have turned his restaurant into one of the essential ones in any visit to the Isla Bonita.

Chocolaterapia del Duende de Fuego

Chocolate therapy of the Goblin of Fire © The Goblin of Fire

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