This trip travels through the story Germany that inspired the Grimm Brothers


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From Sleeping Beauty's castle to the streets where the flutist drove the Hamelin rats away, Frikitrip themed travel agency has proposed that this summer you have a regression to your childhood visiting the places of Germany that inspired the mythical stories of the Grimm Brothers.

This story trip, which will take place between August 16 and 21, will pass through Trendelburg, with the Rapunzel tower; by Bremen, where the famous musicians resided; by Polle, who inspired them in the creation of Cinderella; by Sababurg (be careful not to pinch yourself with the spinning wheel when traveling through its castle); by Hamelin ; by Kassel, where you can visit the museum dedicated to Jacob and Wilhelm ; and by Marburg, city in which the brothers studied and where you can find up to 11 symbols related to their stories. In addition to these seven enclaves, travelers can also discover the characteristic forests that appear in many of these stories.

During the six days of the trip, attendees will be accompanied at all times by a storyteller who, in addition to providing information regarding each stop, will also invite you to embark on a themed gymkana. Didn't you know so much about the Grimm Brothers?

The 20 seats for Once Upon a Trip … can be booked through the agency's website from 799 euros per person. This price includes one-way flights to Frankfurt and back from Hamburg, transfers in Germany by private bus, five hotel nights, breakfast and a welcome dinner; the entrances to the castles and monuments; travel and medical insurance; and a suitcase in the cellar per room.