Abocados al avocado: three avocado restaurants open in Madrid


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The avocado ( avocado in English) has long since become the Rosalía of #foodporn (not for nothing, but we already announced it in 2015). There is no way to dodge it. Neither instagramer that boasts (or that you want to price) that you have not uploaded a photo by eating an avocado toast (on a seed bread, without gluten and without salt) or a hopeful smoothie (for not touching the avolatte theme) to attest to his healthy lifestyle and his refined and very modern taste.

One does not label that a reinette apple or a tangerine zampa, but there is no possibility of eating an # avocado without echoing it in their social networks .

It is simply like this: the avocado freak does not hide in the shadows of the night, is proud of it, exhibits it (and pays for it) and finds complicity in thousands of others.

#avocado, #avocadotoast, #avocadolove, #AvocadoLife, #avoholic or # HoldMyAvocado … are some of the most successful and common hashtags in food photos.

But this fever goes beyond the strictly culinary: there is nothing to keep an eye on the IG of Colette Dike, a well-known food stylist who published in his profile that he had been asked to marry an avocado and since then it became fashionable to use this fruit as a ring chest (and, of course, share it in search of "Yes, I like" ).

The conclusion is that there is no escape. We have (literally) avocado even in the soup . Gentrification has also reached fruit (with all its consequences) and now we have to deal with the obsession with " green gold", as we had to deal with tuna tartare, buns and cachopo.

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And, as expected, the star product already has a monotheistic temple in Madrid . And not one, but three, in a radius of a square kilometer, which revolve around this superfood of miraculous properties (it is rich in fiber, low in cholesterol and triglycerides and slimming), each from a focus.

The idea is not new. A few months ago we talked about the Avocado Show in Amsterdam, the Avocadería in NYC or the Avo Pop Up, in London, but you don't need to travel to get a binge of potassium, vitamin K and folic acid, because in the old street of Sound (now avocado?) We can do it in two places. And a few meters, in Malasaña, in another. In all, much green in shape and background, much rattan and much (very much) avocado.


The decoration is from Madrid in Love Studio © Aüakt


The old RRR, where we were going to dance rock years ago, has become less than a month ago in Aüakt, a hallucinating local decoration magazine designed by the prolific Madrid in Love Studio, where raw cement walls coexist with lamps of spider or feathers, rattan chairs, plants as instagrameable as its muse fruit.

Here there is for everyone, since Aüakt gets up early and late at night, opening from 10am to 2pm, and has four different cards (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner).

Tostas with avocado (accompanied by hummus with beets and zaatar; white miso with asparagus; persimmon, fennel, and pomegranate …), for breakfast. Grilled Aüakt with shrimp tartare (€ 16.50); roasted eggplant with caper pesto, cheese and basil (€ 9.50); Thai cheek (€ 22); roasted cauliflower with fried egg or boneless grilled Aüakt stuffed with shrimp tartare broken aüakt cake (€ 7), for lunch and dinner. Let's also add exotic cocktails (from € 9).

The bread is sourdough (from the San Francisco Obrador) and the specialty coffee.


What would an avocado restaurant be without its toast? © Aüakt


In what used to be a neighborhood cafeteria (perhaps the penultimate one left on the street) in a flat plis and without almost noticing, just two weeks ago Avohaus landed .

Although also focused on avocado, present in 90% of the dishes, it does not have such a healthy approach as Avocado Love (which we will talk about now) or as social as Aüakt.

In fact, it accommodates the meat (includes ham and cochinita pibil in some of their lunches, as well as bacon, roast beef and chicken at dinner time) . Also to gluten, "in all toasts."

With a bar view and a few tables, decorated in all green and mustard, raffia, wallpaper with plant motifs, mirrors and some seventies touch, its schedule is also extensive .

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They serve breakfast from 10 am to 11.45 am For example, glass bread with tomato and avocado or rustic bread with whatever you want (avocado, cream cheese with herbs, smoked salmon with beets and oil caviar …), going through avocado tortillas and herbs with lime mayonnaise (€ 8) ).

At lunchtime, in addition to the soup of the day, it maintains the format of toasted rustic bread or brioche bread with different elements combined (Iberian ham, fried egg, pickled apple, dried tomato pesto …).

At night, it is the turn of the most sophisticated dishes : homemade guacamole with chips, avocado hummus with crudités and homemade pickles, roast beef with avocado chimichurri and dried tomatoes with Parmesan cheeses, vague avocado tortilla, mole chicken, pickles Homemade and popcorn.

The most interesting in the drinks section is the kombucha (the fermented beverage that triumphs in California) of various flavors.

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In the neighborhood of Malasaña, the same owners of Lolina Café and Vacations, two mythical of the area, have opened the Avocado Love, which defines itself as the first “avocado bar” of Spain in a tiny place (an old place in a vegetarian restaurant with contemporary and stylish decoration for about 30 people), with thonet chairs and (again) rattan and wallpaper with plant motifs.

Here there are no half measures, Avocado Love is purist : 100% vegan and gluten-free and includes avocado in all its proposals as a thread, even in desserts and drinks (cocktails and smoothies), although they clarify: It means that you always be the protagonist. ” His chef, Christian Arellano, has been trained at the Hofmann school.

Among its dishes, there are many flavors, Asian and Mexican, Avocado Hummus Pizzeta (€ 6.70), Heura skewers with dark chocolate (€ 9), Melon Ceviche Poke (€ 7.90) and Great lady, the hamburger. Oh, and eye, because they boast vegan brunch.

Vegan wines and gluten-free vegan beers and organic coffee with vegetable milks (soy, almond, coconut and oatmeal) complete a very aligned proposal that will surely survive the avocado fashion.

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