Edinburgh, crazy about art


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The so-called Fringe Festival, is one of the five festivals currently being held in Edinburgh, the largest, the most alternative, the only one that brings together already established and amateur artists who seek to gain a foothold in the difficult artistic world. Hugh Grant, Robin Williams or Emma Thompson acted in the Fringe at the beginning of their career.

It is one o'clock in the afternoon and as for hundreds of years the cannon of the Edinburgh Castle spits out its gunpowder ball. It is the time when Fringe begins to wake up, the performances begin in the makeshift tents along the High Street and the delirious promotion of the different works that will take place already in the afternoon in cafes, theaters or even in buses begins . Any site is valid to tell a story whether new or old, comic or dramatic. Make laugh or cry, here is the crux of the matter for many. Achieving it is the great challenge that everyone is looking for.

Edimburgo, la ciudad del arte

Gentlemen, the Hungry Bitchs © C. Ramalho

Some boys with their pants down demand the attention of the public to promote a play written by themselves, and that they tell us "is reaping great reviews." A little later, the Hungry Bitchs (hungry foxes) make a sitting with the face of few friends. They are angry with the system, with the world … and they invite us to their particular protest that will take place at night in a café next to the so-called Royal Mile.

We continue our descent down the street presided over by the majestic castle, the same that saw the birth of the first King of Scotland and England, and we found a young man playing a guitar. Sounds 'Spanish Romance' and as impossible as it may seem there has been a chimerical silence among the crowd to listen to the magical notes that come out of a guitar with holes (part of the artist's look, we imagine).

Pamphlets and more pamphlets are distributed to passers-by: 'Alternative Sex Education' or what it will be like to be gay tomorrow, comedies dedicated to the twenties lost in a world that leaves much to be desired, mythological works, to the famous LadyBoys of Thailand have their place in this endless artistic procession. More than 2, 000 shows that promise to satisfy the tastes of almost everyone. Meanwhile in Edinburgh it starts to rain, probably a type of rain here called pishing doon, although difficult to know for sure. The Scots have more than fifteen expressions to describe the different forms of rain, a true national issue. But nobody seems to care, the show will continue without rest until nightfall.

Edimburgo, la ciudad del arte

Edinburgh Castle is decorated by the International Festival © J. Henriques

Edimburgo, la ciudad del arte

High Street in full festive boil © C. Ramalho

Edimburgo, la ciudad del arte

This is undressing the soul and the rest is nonsense © C. Ramalho