Shawa: the new meeting point for shawarma lovers in Madrid


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Three and a half years ago Rick Alexander and Olivier Blomme opened their first Tuk Tuk, a restaurant that came to revolutionize Madrid a bit.

Coming from Hong Kong, Rick put on the grill all his gastronomic experiences, those with which he had grown up. Influences of Thailand, China, Indonesia, the Philippines … Their 'sexy sio bao', pad thai and soups have earned a place in our hearts.

Now that everything flows with its restaurants, it was time to move token to the following: the shawarma, of Lebanese origin and the family of the popular kebab .

“When I lived in Hong Kong I used to eat a lot of shawarma and Olivier is from Belgium, where tasty examples are also found, ” explains Rick.

Shawa: el nuevo punto de encuentro para los amantes del shawarma en Madrid

The crux of the matter? Do it yourself! © Shawa

After more than two years of travel trying the best shawarma of countries like Israel, Lebanon, Denmark and Belgium, among others, have found the crux of the matter. If you want a good shawarma, do it yourself.

“The thing is that simple, meat and pita bread. It's our comfort food, ” says Rick. And so Shawa was born, the site that will become your new obsession.

For this project they have allied with Tarik and Fatima, a couple in love with the shawarma. This new adventure is born in the Chamberí neighborhood and does it to teach us what this real dish is.

The menu and the offer are concise and go straight to the point: a couple of shawarmas, falafel and chips to accompany.

“We marinate the meat - lamb and veal - between 36 and 48 hours with spices so that all the flavors are absorbed well. Then it is mounted on the roll steak on steak, as if they were layers and begins to roast, ”Rick tells us.

Real meat is served here and not that meat roll of you go to know where. You will only have to decide to take it in pita bread, with or without cabbage or on a plate in which bread, salad, Belgian potatoes, cabbage and sauces are served , to mark yourself a do it yourself.

Shawa: el nuevo punto de encuentro para los amantes del shawarma en Madrid

Ingredients for a secret sauce © Shawa

To accompany, you must try their secret sauce, a homemade dressing that they prepare with three different tomatoes from Turkey and Lebanon, spices and chili seeds, with a very funny spicy point.

Another option is the shawafel, with a round shape and made with parsley, coriander, lemon, leeks and onions, following the recipe of Tanik's grandmother. "I don't like falafel, but the one we do, yes, " Rick laughs.

Try the Belgian potatoes: they are the best we have taken in time and are prepared under double cooking, first boiled and then fried.

And to pair all these delicacies, they have brought an extensive menu of Belgian craft beers. Have you heard yet? ' The real Shawarma' has arrived in the city.


It's just a meat sandwich, but yes, what meat gentlemen. Real meat with an almost addictive flavor. Also for the falafel and the Belgian fries .


You would love to meet him, yes; but look where, today you are lazy and what you want is to take it under the air conditioning of your home while watching a football-movie-series. You're in luck, you can order it at home! Look for it on the usual delivery platforms.

Shawa: el nuevo punto de encuentro para los amantes del shawarma en Madrid

You can also bet on the 'do it yourself' © Shawa

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Calle Rodríguez San Pedro, 34


91, 137.71.77


From Tuesday to Thursday and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, uninterrupted cooking. Closed Monday.

Half price

10-15 euros per person