This experience takes you to get to know the Bahamas with its locals


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If the new travelers of the world are characterized by something, it is because they do not want to be left alone with the tourist version of the countries they visit. Millennials travel with the aim of finding places that only locals know, living their customs, eating their most authentic food and spending the least unnoticed.

We do not know if with the People-to-People program of the Bahamas you will go unnoticed, but you will live its 10 islands by the hand of the natives. Is there anything better than having friends forever in the Bahamas ?

Una experiencia para vivir las islas Bahamas.

An experience to live the Bahamas Islands. © © The Islands of the Bahamas-Ministry of Tourism.

This program developed since 1975, just two years after the country's independence, wants to make the Bahamas known from its daily life, from the homes of the locals and from all social conditions. "What is intended is to share more than a superficial experience, it is about sharing the soul of the place, " says Beverly Wallace, People-to-People's ambassador.

Currently, there are more than 1, 000 Bahamian volunteers and 500 ambassadors receiving tourists. The program begins through a previous questionnaire in which the traveler must select what they want to do on their trip and they are responsible for finding the most suitable hosts . For example, if you go with your children they will look for children of the same age, while if you like sports, they will look for an ambassador with whom to share the same passion or activity.

Also according to the availability of the traveler, which can be all day, noon, only the afternoon … “Actually, meet all the conditions so that there can be a real exchange . We also try to find volunteers who speak several languages ​​if the visitor has a low level of English, ”they point out from the organization to

Islas Bahamas.

Bahamas Islands © © The Islands of the Bahamas-Ministry of Tourism.

“You will know another aspect of the island. You will eat where we eat, you will do what we do and you will discover our life, beyond the hotels and the paradisiacal beaches, ”says Anthia Butler, also an ambassador for People-to-People.

And the price? The idea is that you organize your trip on your own, flights and accommodation, while registration is free. You would only pay for those payment activities that are carried out, for example a route by bike or boat, depending on the activity, but not the food they offer you.

The islands of the program are Nassau-Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, Eleuthera, The Exumas, The Abacos, Bimini and San Salvador.

Isla Nassau, Bahamas.

Nassau Island, Bahamas. © © The Islands of the Bahamas-Ministry of Tourism

Another of the most popular proposed formulas are dinners with friends such as those organized by Stephen and Terry Bellot, also People-to-People ambassadors. This couple organizes dinners at home for travelers looking to connect with the locals.

To make the experience complete, they invite their family, friends and neighbors to live and enjoy a traditional Bahamian banquet . “You manage to create a union between travelers and locals by sharing, by speaking. Eating with someone is always powerful, ”they add.

¿Te gustaría conocer así las Bahamas?

Would you like to know the Bahamas like this? © © The Islands of the Bahamas-Ministry of Tourism