This photographer lives in an eternal summer


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What inspires you when you see one of his photographs ? Peace, absolute calm, elegance and … summer, much summer . The Mediterranean seen from the eyes of Carla Cuenca Cortés, journalist, photographer and creative director, is delicious and somewhat addictive.

His photography never tires you and always gives you a little peace between so much culture of immediacy . Well, that's what summer and the sea are about, both have the ability to stop everything and get rid of worries.

His particular vision of nature, femininity, and the coast is innate to him. “Since my childhood I have had a camera in my hand, I don't even remember the first moment. My mother was a great fan, I took pictures of everything and unconsciously discovered that passion to express myself through them ”, highlights

Of course, there is more behind that gift that very few people possess, and that is to turn into art everything that they see for an objective. "I remember many summer images, framing moments with my eyes when I was a child and that desire to capture that moment of happiness when I was on vacation with my family, " he adds.

El Cactus.

The Cactus. © Carla Cuenca Cortés

His summers were on the Costa Brava and in Cadaqués. Or perhaps, who has visited it, does not remember it in his photographs? In fact, what is never lacking in them is the return again and again to their origins, to see the passage of time. “There is a cactus in Cadaqués that I have been taking photos for many years; It is amazing to see the evolution of things, I have always thought that the important thing is never lost, it simply transforms. ”

There is no lack of natural light, that dance of shadows and textures with the sun; and a conductive thread. Sometimes they can be sculptures, ceramics, plants, sculpted rocks … all as natural and wild as possible to create their own language, and a story that makes their captures so special and with so much personality .

Formentera. alt=

Formentera © Carla Cuenca Cortés

“Connecting nature with the woman's body is another of my great goals. Therefore, I include the female figure in many of my landscapes, fashion editorials and projects that I create for the brands I work with. It's my way of projecting what I feel inside me when I'm there, ”explains Carla Cuenca to

Perfectionism and a search for the emotional part of things, which has led it to capture them in its most rugged version; a very personal vision instilled by his mother from a very young age.

“That feeling of when you see an image, listen to a piece of music or contemplate a painting and know perfectly who it belongs to; That is my great ambition, to create a particularly mine world that people can identify with me, my personality and my way of seeing life . ”


"Mom". © Carla Cuenca Cortés


He usually works with several cameras and in his photos he always resorts to the sea, the wild landscapes of the coast and the nature that he finds in his trips through the Mediterranean .

“The Balearic Islands have also been important scenarios for me. It is always usually the same tandem, villages with essence in which the whites of the architecture, the blues of the sea and the sky predominate. All in tune, ”he emphasizes.

Therefore, he did not stop firing the first time Binibèquer stepped on Menorca, which he names as the perfect town . If we ask for your locations, it will cost you to share them. A creek? “ Cala Morell in Menorca is one of my favorites, ” he says.

Cala Morell en Menorca.

Cala Morell in Menorca. © Carla Cuenca Cortés

Capri is another one of those destinations to which I would return once and a thousand times through that wild part. And next locations?

"Well, I have a crazy desire to photograph dunes and salt flats, it gives me the feeling that when I sleep I also dream about it. Their forms really seem to me a work of art precisely because of their simplicity and because they are made of elements as basic as sand. or salt. "

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