The best hotel breakfasts: the great feast of Madrid brunch


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Referring to the capital since he was born five years ago, Only You Boutique Hotel has unchecked the fashion of affordable brunch embracing the excess. This goes for a full-fledged tribute, without half measures and in a luxurious environment (even if you do not stay here, there is the grace), with the plus of the terrace and the DJ, Paolo Wilson.

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The best hotel breakfasts in the world

With 'flat rate' of € 49.50 - Sundays, from 1pm to 4pm -, it includes wine, champagne, beer, soft drinks and natural juices, and a variety of food such that you will have to follow a route not to get lost.

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Start with the classics: wedges of cheese Stilton, Payoyo, Mahón ( and a giant of Parmesan! ), Sausages, dips, crudités, roast beef, stuffed tortillas, gazpacho, croissants, all kinds of breads and sandwiches.

The second stop, the showcooking : vegetable gyozas with green curry sauce, steak tartar dog (yes, a hot dog steak tartar) and eggs to everyone's taste, although the star is the Benedictines with smoked salmon.

In addition, rice, paella, rossejat, fish & chips, udon, wings, stuffed pasta (truffle, mushrooms …) and jar with mashed potatoes .

Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid

The ultimate brunch © Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid

The healthy gains prominence - go through the vegan corner to try the hummus of pumpkin and eggplant miso, potato tortillas with chickpea flour or gluten - free options - but this party is not for pacatos.

If you come, do it to love pizzas, popcorn, cotton candy, homemade cakes and chocolate fountain . And get caught, here with the ice cream cart.

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Barquillo Street, 21


910 05 22 22


Sundays, from 1pm to 4pm

Half price

€ 49.50

See 22 photos

The best hotel breakfasts in the world