Roostiq: the new Neapolitan oven from Chueca


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The number 47 of Augusto Figueroa street, where the Bardemcilla restaurant (of the Bardem family) used to be, has a new tenant: Roostiq, the new gastronomic proposal Chueca.

"A kitchen on fire", as they describe it, with three key elements: its wood oven, its showcooking proposal and the products of its farm.


The Neapolitan Roostiq oven, built stone by stone in the same restaurant, has been manufactured by the ninth generation of the Maglione family, from Naples.

Named Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, Neapolitan pizza can be enjoyed without leaving Madrid, it can be enjoyed in Roostiq.

En Roostiq todo gira en torno a su horno

In Roostiq everything revolves around your oven © Roostiq

In the kitchen, everything is measured to the millimeter, not only the temperature, although this is one of the most important factors. The oven must reach the perfect temperature of 485 degrees, which requires about an hour.

In addition to the pizzas, in the oven they also make rice with vegetables and fish. “First we pass it through the oven and then through the grill, ” explains one of the waiters at, showing the dedication and time it takes for each dish. They thus claim the importance of cooking by fire and the natural properties of the ingredients.

The fire to which they devote all the attention, manages to maintain the moisture properties of the different ingredients and products. Thus, it is done on the outside while maintaining all its flavor inside.

And working at full speed next to the oven, there is the charcoal grill, where they prepare tasty meats - it is essential to taste their juicy steak - as well as baby spinach and arugula with bacon vinaigrette and fried egg.

Some of their recipes are made 'by direct fire', that is, by skipping the products directly into the flames.

En la cocina de Roostiq todo está medido a la perfección

In Roostiq's kitchen everything is measured perfectly © Roostiq


Roostiq joins one of the gastro trends of the moment: showcooking. Thus, while we eat or wait for our order, we can see how they prepare it. And that shows us that it is not only the product, it is the movement and coordination of the team that keeps the fire of their venerated furnace alive.


Roostiq's interior design is signed by María Villalón, whose studio has also collaborated with well-known restaurants in the capital, such as Pointer, Teckel's terrace or the recently opened Hake Mate.

In the same room there are high and low tables, from which to contemplate the open kitchen. The look inevitably deviates to the glazed cupboard that keeps a careful selection of wines.

The service? Care to detail: the waiters serve each dish delicately asking diners if everything is to their liking and responding to any questions or requests.

Una de las salas de Roostiq

One of the rooms of Roostiq © Roostiq


The products used in Roostiq's kitchen come directly from his estate in Ávila, in Palazuelos. Every day vegetables, poultry and acorn pigs arrive with which the dishes are prepared according to the season.

"The raw material is completed with local beef suppliers from the Basque Country." From Ávila, Iberian sausages such as sausage and shoulder also arrive.

Arroz integral con verduritas

Brown rice with vegetables © Roostiq


Starting on Thursday nights, Roostiq also has a dj that will liven up the evening.

The first drink of the night? One of the bartender's cocktails Joel Jamal, the mixologist who was Spain's cocktail bar champion.

Chuletón de vaca a la brasa

Grilled beef steak © Roostiq


Because Roostiq is a box of surprises. And, in addition to their main dishes cooked in the heat of the fire, the torreznos with champagne - baptized as 'Beauty and the Beast' - leave us speechless.

More reasons? They do not fit in a million characters: the treatment, the taste, the atmosphere … and, of course, enjoy your pizza.


The dessert menu contains a selection of homemade recipes created by an extraordinary team headed by Carmen Acero. The problem is to choose only one: the hazelnut cheese and chocolate sponge cake, the grilled pineapple, the apple pie or the chocolate brownie? Just thinking about it makes our mouths water.

A sure hit: the glass of strawberries and pistachio ice cream, in which when putting the spoon, we collide with a cookie with which to finish off a meal of 10.

El comedor de Roostiq con la selección de más de 80 vinos en el fondo

The Roostiq dining room with the selection of over 80 wines in the background © Roostiq

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Augusto Figueroa Street, 47


918 53 24 34


From Tuesday to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Friday and Saturday from 12:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mondays closed