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Now that in Madrid we are already experts in tacos and master tasters of guacamole, tortilla chips and micheladas, we have to discover the rest of the delicious and quite unknown Mexican cuisine.

“I wanted to go beyond the cochinita pibil, from tacos al pastor”, says Jorge Vázquez, a Mexican, who after proudly serving all those dishes with which the cuisine of the Aztec country has become popular here in his restaurant in La Moraleja Mex & Co, decided that it wanted to bring and also make known all the variety “of the 32 Mexican states, divided into nine gastronomic zones”, he tells us.

From that desire, Iztac is born , a Mexican restaurant, with very traditional dishes and recipes, but in a modern environment, like any restaurant you can find in Mexico City, says Vázquez.

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"Our guacamole, " they call it because it is so yours. © Iztac

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"We have dishes and ingredients that in Spain seem very new, but that for Mexicans are very common and traditional, " he explains. Of course, they have guacamole as an entree, but it comes out with tortilla chips that are made in the kitchen itself, of normal corn, purple corn and corn with chili (the red ones). And, in addition, the guacamole is adorned with chili powder that they bring directly from Mexico. And, like that, other dishes that will not even sound to you if you have ever traveled there, new and different flavors, such as that of aguachile with black message (laugh at the ceviche); or the skis, one of the most common snacks or snacks in the Mexican streets but here we see very little.

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A Mexican restaurant that doesn't look like a Mexican from here. © Iztac

Nacho Orozco, is the Mexican chef, from Puebla, who has found a letter that tries to travel throughout his country. There are starters, salads or vegetables and main dishes, the latter almost all accompanied by tortillas made in the kitchen to take it in tacos, if you want. And among all the dishes, "they want to boost fish, " Jorge Vázquez tells us. "Because although we are not a fishing power, sometimes we forget that Mexico has a lot of coastline, the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific, and fish is used a lot in our kitchen, but outside of Mexico it is unknown, " he says.

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Aguachile with black message … laugh at the ceviche. © Iztac

There are dishes and ingredients so common in Mexican cuisines, such as fish in water, an aromatic plant that gives a very peculiar flavor to everything with which it is accompanied. Also the Chiapaneco pig, from Chiapas, a well-roasted piglet leg, with ultra-crispy skin that you crumble on the table and eat in tacos. Or the tortilla soup, one of those dishes so common there and so tasty that, for sure, it will become one of those favorites.

There are others better known for these parts such as enchiladas or chilaquiles, although they have those little touches or variations that make them more authentic and current, as your room manager, Chiapas of origin, will gladly tell you. “It's about getting innovation from tradition, ” concludes Jorge Vázquez.

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Tortilla soup, a warm dinner. © Iztac


Because now that we are already in love and dedicated to Mexican cuisine, we need to go beyond tacos and margaritas. Elaborate cuisine, traditional cuisine, but also modern. Usual ingredients for them with a spin for our current palate. Like the nogada canutillo, one of the star desserts.

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Enchiladas duo. © Iztac


The place, decorated by Lourdes Treviño Quirós, from the Freehand Arquitectura studio, is the same one in which the first Mexican from Madrid opened in 1959, Mexico Lindo. The Mexican architect resident in Madrid has boosted the entrance bar –which remains open all day, with a wide range of cocktails–, and in the dining room the paintings by Gabriel Moreno (also reproduced in the tableware), with which they tell the legend of the lovers Iztaccíhuatl –Iztac, hence the name– and Popocatépetl, a romantic tragedy of Aztec times, which tells that, as the lovers could not be together in life, they remained eternity stuck, side by side, turned into two volcanoes: when Popocatepetl throws ashes, it is because he remembers Iztaccíhuatl, his beloved, lights the torch of his eternal passion.

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Canutillo en nogada, also unique desserts. © Iztac

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Cold avocado cream © Iztac

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Republic of Ecuador Square, 4


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Tuesday to Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

The bar is open between lunch and dinner.

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