The definitive adventure in Morocco


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It happened last May and it was unforgettable. In total 50 Honda customers passionate about raids supported by 41 people from the organization charted an unprecedented trip.

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Freedom is to travel Morocco on two wheels

The destination, the most inhospitable Morocco, the one that crossed the mythical Honda Africa Twin motorcycles when the Paris-Dakar crossed the dunes and plains of this country. For all of them, a dream come true: to change the asphalt of each day for dust and sand. And all on the same two wheels that take them to work every day.

But what exactly is the Honda Twin Africa Morocco Epic Tour ? It is not a race, much less, but it does extract the best of desert adventures from the most genuine competitions.

And, if you ask any professional pilot, his best memories of each raid are those that are forged in the camps: anecdotes, companionship and camaraderie. Something that is also lived during this experience in which the rival is oneself and whose challenge is to overcome each section and at each stage.

La aventura definitiva

The ultimate adventure © Honda

To all this we must add the support of Honda every day . Their professionals were not only logistical support during the 7 stages, they also served as guides, counselors and teachers.

To the transfer of motorcycles, the reliability and care of these and the thorough organization that made everything a success, the world leader in motorcycle manufacturing and marketing added an ingredient that nobody has: the experience of two top riders in the world of raid

When the participants arrived in the Sahara, in front of the portentous mountainous dunes of Erg Chebbi, Joan Barreda and Paulo Gonçalves taught a master class on how to conquer these peaks of sand by piloting paths Africa Twin Adventure Sports completely standard.

A masterful and very practical lesson, as participants were able to put into practice everything they learned in one of the most beautiful corners of the Sahara.

And, above all, chat with two professionals who total a total of 19 participations in the Dakar rallies and 24 stages won and that, beyond their record, have an incomparable logbook full of curiosities, experiences and camping chascarrillos that only They have been able to live privileged.

And then there is the magic of Morocco and the 2, 000 kilometers that were traveled in this challenge divided into 7 days, each with a B option for those who needed to rest for the next off-road track.

¿Te atreves?

You dare? © Honda

For everyone else, the adventure alternated Berber routes with paths that opened with the passing of motorcycles in the purest raid style. Along the way, the great mountainous steps of the Atlas were left behind, its plains located at more than 3, 000 meters above sea level, the pre-Saharan valleys where the oases and streams surprise with their sculptural action and, finally, the great desert where the sun rises every morning after a different dune .

You want to know more? This was the route created by Honda regarding the Africa Twin Morocco Epic Tour where the adventure is felt in the piloting, in the retinas and, also, in the hypothalamus thanks to these stages.

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Freedom is to travel Morocco on two wheels