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What to do when it seems that you have already given everything? That you have opened in channel. That you have revealed your entire universe. Your concerns, your dreams, your concept of beauty, in short, your world. When you have touched the sky of New York, Paris and Madrid and return home, you stop to think and you are aware of everything that is happening to you.

The players, when they think they can no longer do better, that they have squeezed their full potential, hang their boots. Bullfighters cut their ponytails. However, Alejandro Gómez Palomo is inexhaustible. And last night he proved it once more.

Renew or die call some. But one cannot renew in any way, but by demonstrating that he has matured, that he has evolved, that he is older and wiser than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.

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Alejandro Gómez Palomo is inexhaustible. And last night he proved it once more. © Getty Images


“If there is something that marked me especially and from there I began to have an interest beyond clothing, towards designers and real fashion, it was the last Yves Saint Laurent parade in life, which was a tribute to his career”, Palomo account to

In addition to Yves Saint Laurent, the designer of Posadas admires "Cristóbal Balenciaga, John Galliano, Nicolas Ghesquière, Christian Lacroix …" . When I ask him if he would like to take the reins of a firm, he does not doubt it: “I would love it, I think it is a dream for any designer. Being able to enter a file of one of those firms would be amazing. As a dream I would love Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci… ”, he tells us.

Yes, Palomo has matured, but that does not mean that he has not left us all with his mouth open, nothing is further from reality.

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Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano are some of their most admired designers © Getty Images


The Spring / Summer 2019 collection of Palomo Spain - seventh of its trajectory - is inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, also known as wonder rooms or wunderkammer, places of the most curious where exhibited pieces were exhibited of all the world. In short, the germ of what we now know as a museum.

Alejandro Gómez Palomo's cabinet was an amalgam of exotic elements brought from the five continents that although out of context might seem like mere objects - of high historical and cultural value, yes - they make all the sense of the world collected in this cave of the wonders.

And a good story always has to have a good backdrop, that's why the young creator of Posadas chose the National Museum of Natural Sciences. "This is the first wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) that has been in Spain and this concept of exotic creatures and oddities, is the perfect place to present the boy I have imagined, " says Palomo.

There, between elephants, panda bears and dinosaur skeletons, there was a journey of comings and goings between the dreamlike and the earthly starring a new, more mature and sophisticated Palomo boy, who takes on the role of explorer.

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The National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid was the place chosen to host the parade © Getty Images


"In my moodboard there are always a thousand different references, this time from photos of African tribes, sects, paintings of the nineteenth, photos of raves of the 90s, it is crazy in terms of references, " the creator tells us.

Palomo embarked us on an itinerary that went from the African savannah - with clothes that Saint Lauren would be proud of, or even somewhat jealous - to old Europe by making stops in India, the Amazon or the Far East.

But it also gave time to take a walk through the ages of man: from the Big Bang to the Middle Ages, jumping from ancient Greece to the 1920s, returning the Victorian era, making a stop in the 18th century and greeting the 80s.

A space-time trip that nobody wanted to lose detail or leave the state of hypnosis achieved since the first pass. Therefore, before the blackout suffered for a few seconds, we all turned on the flashlights of our mobiles, asking if it was a technical failure or part of the reverie.

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A journey in space and time between fantasy and reality © Getty Images


Silk, velvet, leather and the varied color palette to which we are accustomed, in which the blues, yellows and fuchsia roses - their favorite color - lived with earth tones, black and white, paraded under the watchful eye of attendees and dissected animals.

Linen and cotton take center stage in the suitcase of the traveler Palomo, who wears palazzo pants, kaftans, jackets and exotic details in hawksbill and nacre.

The accessories also have a place in this luggage designed to go around the world: feathers, suede, python skin and the great novelty, esparto shoes. The collaboration of the Cordoba firm with Tolentino Hats did not go unnoticed with its brand new ostrich feathers.

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The Palomo traveler: a kind of explorer in search of exotic treasures © Getty Images


Men's clothing, for men, made by a man, why do some people have a hard time understanding it? -It was my chance to ask him in the first person, better go straight to the point.

Your answer? A genius, like all of him: “ I think some people have a hard time understanding it because they have not yet done the exercise of dressing as they really feel or according to them, as each morning they feel like and complement them and become part of their personality, ”says Alejandro.

And he continues: “I keep saying the same thing, there are plenty of labels and clothing is still a piece of cloth that has been given a masculine and feminine value, why don't we give gender to a Roman vessel or a painting?” . Amen.

As for his opinion about fashion in our country, “little by little he is waking up and changing, there is a lot of talent, what I think is missing is the client figure, we are not used to acquiring fashion. No doubt there is no lack of talent but lack of people who bet on it and buy it, ”he says.

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"I think some people have a hard time understanding it because they have not yet done the exercise of dressing as they really feel" © Getty Images

All the reason, that kind of audience is still missing, but Palomo has plenty: at the gates of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, the line was getting longer and the guests were more different. Of course, there were not missing the famous 'pigeons' - it is impossible not to remember the faithful entourage of crows of Rick Owens that occupies the first row of their parades -, recognizable wherever they go.

Pigeons that did seem to have done the exercise of dressing as they really feel. There was no one weird there, or we were all weird, look where you want.

"I never imagined that, but it is a precious thing, they are my friends and they are the ones who share my vision, help me and enlarge it, inspire me a lot, " says the designer about his closest group.

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There was no one weird there, or we were all weird, look at it wherever you want © Getty Images


He describes his experience in London as necessary and enriching: “I remember her with love. It was that change from teenager to boy a little more mature. London is very enriching for the mind, and taking it to the territory of fashion, each one dresses individually as they want, whether or not following the designers' proposals, they dress in a peculiar way without so much taboo. ”

But he ends up throwing home: "London was an apprenticeship, although I also have to say that in Spain I live better, but they were precious and necessary years in my life."

Among his favorite places in Madrid is Ultramarinos Quintín, Jorge Juan Street and the Cock bar, which he usually goes with his friends when he is in the capital.

In Posadas, my favorites are Rogelio and the Isabelica cocktail bar, which is my parents' old restaurant and is now an incredible bar, ” he says of his homeland.

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A dreamlike dream that nobody woke up until the last model hid again behind the scenes © Getty Images


His last trip was to Paris, for the men's fashion week, "I had a great time and whenever I go to this city I come with charged batteries and a lot of inspiration, " the designer tells

“One that I remember with special affection was that of Moscow, when I paraded there, I loved the city and meet all the people who worked with me, ” he recalls.

Pending sites? "I have a thousand: Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, Los Angeles …", he confesses.

Despite the success of his 26 years - without going any further this year he has won the WON Prize and is already preparing the second edition of Masters of Sewing -, he claims to have his feet very tied to the ground: “I always return to the town where there is my family and the people of a lifetime, ”he says.

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From Posadas to the world © Getty Images

His next challenge? "Continue doing what I do, I do not propose anything in particular, success is a very relative thing, there is a media success but you have to work on the foundations of my brand and my company. My challenge is to build a team and be better every moment to be able to live from this, from our passion, ”he explains when I ask him about his new challenges.

"With respect to what we have achieved, of course it is a dream come true, but we are still very much at the beginning of the road, the right path, and I have a lot to go and work, " says a more mature Palomo but just as dreamy, knowing that what just happened between the showcases of the museum will remain in our retinas forever.