Female retreats: the covens of the 21st century you will want to join


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In the era of #metoo, feminist manifestations, sorority, empowerment and the -controverts- non-mixed spaces, retreats for women only are the vacations that many were waiting for.

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There are, for example, yoga, such as this intensive 150 hours powered by Agama, with the emphasis on tantric techniques, creative movement, meditation and female empowerment. There are also others who explore the relationship of women with nature and, above all, with their own nature, such as Spirit Weavers .

This lasts five days, celebrates the cultures of the past and encourages to work "the most basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul", as explained on their website.

Thus, food fermentation is practiced, fabrics are woven and colored, "dinners at night and dreams in the morning" are shared, you learn to use medicinal plants, you sing … "Let's meet as women and share our abilities to remember the path of beauty and honor our ancestors ", encourage these 'spiritual weavers'.

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But what do all these actions refer to? To us, to the covens, those meetings of wise women who, as Marvin Harris defends in the book Cows, pigs, wars and witches, began to gather as a result of the social discontent of the eleventh century.

Its main feature is that they knew the power of plants, with which they lived hallucinogenic trips such as those promoted from current workshops such as Ganja Goddess . It is focused on using cannabis as "a creative and spiritual tool", and is only one of many who use this drug as a primary part of the experience.

But we will talk more in depth about the witches later; Now, let's focus on the retreats of our times, which, if they are characterized by something, is for the purpose of achieving greater well-being through self - knowledge. To understand them better - and to find out if you should join them - we talked with Sajeeva Hurtado, who teaches them, and with Luna and Rocío, two participants in these meetings.

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"I organize trips with spiritual and tourist sense to places like Egypt, India, Indonesia, Riviera Maya and Machu Pichu, which are cultures that I have lived very closely, " Sajeeva tells us. Their itineraries, which combine visits with activities such as meditation or dance, are intended to leave the most typical framework, and are made in order to empower travelers and encourage them to feel safe when visiting other places alone.
Sajeeva also organizes retreats in nature, and in Colombia, where she lives, she has founded a headquarters to carry them out: La Casa de la Mujer .

There he combines teachings of Chinese medicine, gestal psychology, meditation and dance to organize workshops attended by "all kinds of women", but especially those that are in an important moment of transition . "There is something about them that needs to change radically, and go to countries like the ones I take them to or isolate themselves from their world for several days; it's really something that changes their lives, " he observes.

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Rocío also lived a moment of transition when he attended his first female retreat . "I started having sex blocks, things that I didn't know where they came from. Everything seemed normal from the outside, but I intuitively knew that there was something that didn't work out in my relationship with the body ." explains us.

"In fact, I think all women have to work on that at one time or another, because, due to our culture, we have a relationship with our body, and especially, with our uterus, a little complicated and not as healthy as I am. would like".
Precisely because of that, the first retreat he went to was called 'Connect with your uterus'. He gathered eight women around experiences whose purpose was, in Rocío's words , "to connect with the feminine energy from the uterus consciousness" : meditations, free dance, visualizations to try to feel how that organ beats … "There was also a very interesting part of anatomy, where I discovered that we have a gland that causes the female orgasm to be accompanied by ejaculation, "he explains.

Luna, meanwhile, also began by attending a meeting in which the female organ was the protagonist. It was a "healing of the world uterus", an activity that takes place several times a year and which hundreds of women from all over the planet join, almost always under the auspices of the teachings of Miranda Gray, "author, artist, healer, channeler and teacher ", as read on its website.

In these meetings, "the uterus is the symbolic term for the center of feminine energies, and the term 'blessing' is used to indicate a return to sacredness, " as pointed out from the page Blessing of the uterus . Luna remembers that they sang and drew their ancestors, later carrying out different activities with those drawings.

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Another of the retreats Luna went to was the Red Shop, "a sacred space that is conceived by its creators as a magical womb. In it, women of all ages, with all their shapes and colors, will always be welcomed with respect and absolute love. "

The definition is from the DeAnna L'am website , author and coach expert in "empowerment of menstruation" and promoter of these spaces, whose healing power, we continue reading, "comes from the infinite purity, grace and trust that emanate from Sacred Feminine Spirit . Its energies flow through the women who invoke them with the simple act of gathering . "

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In this case, the meeting took place in a river. There were three participants, and they prepared a joint altar in which each one contributed "something that would connect us with our femininity, nuts and food for later, a candle and a bowl, " Luna recalls.

During the activity different songs were carried out accompanied by percussion instruments, as well as rites and meditations, but Luna is not able to remember which ones exactly. "I like going to these types of meetings because I suffer from menstrual disorders and a strong conflict with my femininity, but from a very skeptical level, " he admits.

"During the Red Store retreat I experienced shame; I felt ridiculous at times, and uncomfortable because I didn't know what to do. There are some of these activities that appeal to me, but I live with another part of me that doesn't go . However, after the encounter, I expelled a lot of flow - which perhaps was normal, because the rule was coming to me - and, curiously, I suppurated through the navel . "

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Rocío, after her first workshop, began to perform the uterine meditations of Miranda Gray, and even organized a first meeting in her own house with five friends, based on the teacher's teachings. "It was very interesting. We were meditating together, singing, having tea and chatting, as in the end it happens in any women's meeting, " he recalls.

After that experience, he has held as many meetings, and has attended some more. Of all of them, the feeling of "home, of communion" stands out, which makes us feel "less alone" and that "is given by sharing, by the feeling that we all have, in some way, the same wound, the same footprint ".

Thanks to all this, in the words of Rocío, a feeling of "tribe" of women is promoted, something that, according to the artist, "is forgetting and it is essential to recover ."

In the case of Luna, the answer is also clear: "I would go again, because, regardless of whether I do not believe in the ritual itself, it seems to me that it is very powerful to be among other women, talk to them and verify that we are in the same boat. Sorority bonds are created , and I highly recommend it because I think women have to be more united, and this kind of thing creates a brotherhood that is very cool. "

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Because women share a particular body and idiosyncrasy, Rocío sees that there are no men in these spaces, since they do not have the same experiences.

This 'exclusion' is especially important "in a masculinized world, where the feminine, in general, does not have much space ." "The feminine has been relegated to minor things, but for me they are of vital importance, and perhaps they would save humanity from falling into the debacle of exacerbated consumerism, logic, short term and control to which I believe we are going "he concludes.

Saajeva also relates that reality away from the intimate with the rise of women's retreats. "I think people became saturated and began to miss themselves and the simple, basic life, " he tells us. "We live so much in the mind that now the heart is beginning to call us, and we begin to listen a little more."

Elizabeth Krohn, creator and editor of Sabat magazine, which " fuses witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art, " also believes that our century encourages this type of encounter. "For girls who grow up today, this world dominated by men, of insatiable consumption, has an air of uncertainty, tragedy, even dystopia. It seems that we have an ocean of options, but at the same time, are we changing something? Can we really be and do what we want? Do we have powers? "he asks.

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In response to all these questions Elizabeth is formulated, modern witches are born, to which the editor tracks on Instagram under the hashtag #witchesofinstagram:

"Echoing the feelings of many, the modern witch is informed about the structures that keep women 'in place'. She craves a less patriarchal and cynical world, and uses new tools to hack the system. It also offers us another different path, one that is mystical and is oriented towards nature, thanks to which we find our own feminine power as women and witches, "he tells us.

In fact, isn't the coven the closest concept to the female retreats we are talking about?

Moreover, the idea of ​​a witch that Elizabeth propagates through her magazine seems to agree with what we aspire to by joining these circles: "A witch is someone who dares to stand out as an individual, who believes in her powers to evolve and change herself and her world. It fosters a sense of connection with the whole, but at the same time she is aware of her own limits s. Relying on her intuition, she feels the smallest of vibrations, and leaves room for magic and the mystery, "reflects the editor.

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However, despite the taste for the dark aesthetics of his publication, it happens to Elizabeth like Luna: in her day to day, she prefers to get away from the "theatrical, the ceremony and the baroque language" that usually emanate from mystical'. What she does is "look for synchronicity everywhere" and relate "magic thinking" to the most mundane.

"After performing Sabbath, it is as if many thought patterns and theories had found a more concrete form, from small practical rituals to aspects of philosophy that I would like to explore more. I am quite convinced that our subconscious world, a world of symbols, personal and universal myths and archetypes, governs our life trajectory in powerful ways Connecting with different levels of our being, whether through psychotherapy or witchcraft or simply being creative, is a way of understanding and flowing with all this instead of ignoring it and making it end drowned by our own fears or desires, "he concludes.

¡Sorority, hermanas!

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