This is the first zip line in the world that transports you in time


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Arriving before leaving seems impossible, but it is not so much thanks to the world's first transnational zip line. Managed by Limit Zero, this pulley suspended by cables arrives from the Huelva town of Sanlúcar de Guadina to the nearby Portuguese village of Alcoutim (from € 18 per person).

Less than a minute's journey in which the Guadiana River is flown in descent and with which one hour is earned due to the time change between both countries.

The mechanics are very simple. In groups of up to eight people, the intrepid adventurers (fully equipped and with helmets) will be transported in a 4 × 4 vehicle to the departure platform. From the heights, about 25 meters, one by one they will slide along the 720-length cable until they reach the other bank of the river in less than a minute.

After reaching the end point of the Zip Line, already in Portugal, you will have to walk a short distance to the Alcoutim pier, from where a Ferry will depart that crosses the river to return to Spain (included in the price of the experience). And the best, there is no time limit to stay in Alcoutim, so you can calmly make a tourist visit before crossing back to Huelva.

Sobrevuela el río Guadiana en la tirolina de Límite Zero.

Fly over the Guadiana River in the Zero Limit zip line. © Zero limit


There are few limitations, except the weight, a maximum of 110 kg, and the legal age to ride a zip line, 14 years, making it an appropriate activity for (almost) the whole family. But if by a casual the smallest of the family are left wanting to slip on a cable, at the nearby Fuerte El Rompido hotel, on the Costa de la Luz (Huelva), they have a smaller zip line suitable for children.

Surrounded by the Doñana National Park, half a kilometer from the village of El Rompido and with a typically Andalusian architecture, this family hotel is ideal to get to know the nearby natural environment: a fishing village, a virgin beach next to the natural landscape of the Piedras River that can only be accessed by boat and all those small traditional taverns where you can taste the fish and seafood of the area.

Tirolina adecuada para niños en el hotel familiar Fuerte el Rompido, en Huelva.

Zip-line suitable for children in the family hotel Fuerte el Rompido, in Huelva. © Fuerte Hoteles


The Fuerte El Rompido hotel has two gastronomic spaces where you can enjoy local delicacies. El Olivo, in the same building, for buffet breakfast and dinner, and the idyllic Dosfaros restaurant , next to the pool and overlooking the two lighthouses of nearby El Rompido. Gazpacho, fried chocos, Iberian ham … a parade of high quality and closeness Huelva product.

For its part, at the Fuerte El Rompido by Skeyndor Spa, in addition to performing a complete wellness circuit, you can request one of its exclusive beauty and wellness treatments: an antioxidant Power C facial protocol, a Hypnose Experience body ritual inspired by oriental techniques or a detoxifying body cure based on a tea wrap, among many others.

And to integrate actively in the region, why not hold a gazpacho or sangria workshop, or one with sailor knots? Maybe some flamenco classes? Botanical routes, incredible sunsets, a tasting of olive oils from the olive plantations of Grupo El Fuerte … The Costa de Luz is a world to discover, and better from this hotel where it is impossible to get bored.

Piscina del hotel Fuerte El Rompido, con uno de los faros del Rompido de fondo.

Pool of the Fuerte El Rompido hotel, with one of the Rompido lighthouses in the background. © Fuerte Hoteles