Route through the most beautiful villages of Provence


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Imagine why this is real: plains planted with orchids and olive trees, forested slopes, reddish fields after harvest, plateaus full of lavender, sunflowers in search of the sun, cliffs and ocher-colored lands

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The ten most beautiful villages of Provence

This is the Vaucluse region, between Provence, the Côte d'Azur and the Alps, an open secret that you will think about returning.

Tourism in Vaucluse is relaxed, without haste. Silence will accompany you and good gastronomy too, so it is a perfect summer getaway, because you really have a picnic in the shade of a tree with a glass of wine tastes of vice, and we promise that it is real, that not only It exists in the movies. And let's not fool ourselves, it is very close to Spain .

This is a route through some of the best villages in French Provence, although we warn you that there are many more, because the region is a box of surprises that never ends.

Los mejores pueblos de la Provenza.

The best villages of Provence. © Getty Images

- Three villages dedicated to lavender

- A travel in the time

- The town that inspired Albert Camus

- Picasso could not resist the charms of this town

- Two ocher villages

- For lovers of French wines

- Finish the tour with the medieval secret of Provence

Los campos de girasoles de la región de Vaucluse.

The sunflower fields of the Vaucluse region. © Alamy

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The ten most beautiful villages of Provence