We're going to the beach? Let's escape to Javea


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Among small mountains, and with the sea of ​​witness, Jávea stands as a pearl on the Alicante coast . Quieter than its neighbor Gandía, but with more progress than Dénia, this town? Coastal is the envy of the area.

Instagrameables restaurants, coves that make the competition to any summer announcement and atmosphere all summer … Jávea is a good option for a weekend that tightens the heat .


A landscape of pines and cliffs with the Mediterranean at your feet © Getty Images

Jávea is divided into three zones: the historic center, the port and the beach area, being the busiest … And making this partition, a pleasant walk to discover it from end to end.

Keep in mind that there are sand and stone beach, and that the first one is artificial. But despite being one, it has charm, because it is collected between the trendy restaurants on the right - with the sea in front - and the Parador de Jávea on the left, imposing on the coast like a watchtower of the twentieth century. You can sleep there, let's take note. For a weekend it is worth it, we have everything close.


The port of Javea with the Montgó massif in the background © Getty Images

And it is in the Arenal Beach where life runs, where you have breakfast early, you also eat early, and you can drink something at heart. Because whoever sits at their tables is a mixed mix of locals who escape the hell of the capital and Germans and English who want to meet the Mediterranean.

Hence the mixture of restaurants for native and native restaurants that offers places for all tastes. But it is that even those who have their menus in English, have their charm.

Many have the same seal, because whoever summers there will tell you that there is a French acquaintance who does not stop opening stores. And absolutely right. Acqua, is one of his last openings, a space that serves both dinner and drinks, offering from meats to pizzas, with a varied menu for all those who are hungry. Having an Italian dish listening to reggaeton - and the music from the bar next door - is a fun experience.


Javea, a place to escape to stop time © Getty Images

But for those who prefer to rock the views and enjoy good rice - that we are in the Valencian Community! - there is a classic that never fails: La Perla de Jávea.

Sitting with the salt of the beach and the short jeans can be somewhat uncomfortable to make the competition to the unpolluted of their tables and cloth napkins, but in Jávea it is allowed, that for something it is a beach site.

Ask for a table in the window and enjoy the bread with aioli and any of its rice admiring the mountain in the background, the Cabo de San Antonio. You want the food to never end. We already have a place to eat on Sunday - don't forget to book in advance!

We must also take note of Tula, a small restaurant near the beach, opened by a couple who worked before at Casa Gerardo - whoever is from Jávea, knows what I am talking about.

His specialties? The venison tartare or the Iberian pen with Bordalesa sauce. And for dessert, rice pudding in homage to the place where they worked before. A good option for Saturday.

La Siesta

La Siesta, for a cocktail at sunset, or a freshly released evening drink © La Siesta

And for dinner? Saona, which has also opened a branch in Madrid and has several in Valencia. Forget about dining in a restaurant with plastic chairs. In Jávea you have dinner in cute places. Order, by the way, the tuna tataki pancakes with avocado or the lamb taco with lime and avocado emulsion.

And speaking of cute places, you can not miss La Siesta, literal … And not so much. This terrace and restaurant halfway to the sandy beach and the port, delights those who want a cocktail at sunset, or a freshly released drink at night. Balinese beds, chill out music … Because here everything comes to sleep.

Continuing with the night, in case you want to go out, it is essential to take the first dance steps in Achill, which is still the biggest nightlife claim. With the sea in the background, and the dance floor just behind, crown the top of the local beach area.

Don't miss Chabada before night ice cream. You have to think that the weekend has two nights.

Achill alt=

Achill, one of the protagonists of Javea's nightlife © Achill

Leaving pure and hard leisure behind, it should be emphasized that Jávea served as an inspiration for Joaquín Sorolla, and having seen a lot of world, designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, wanted to spend the last days of his life here.

Because in its stone coves, in the blue of its waters, and in its pines along the way, Xábia - with a Valencian accent - is pure beauty. Among its mountains, luxury houses and vests that make anyone dream of their views sneak in . It is inevitable to think: "I hope to spend some August there." But there are also more earthly views, for all budgets …

On the way to Cala Blanca, there is a metal door that leads to a winding path between the pines that leads to the French Creek … Do not look for it, it is almost impossible to find it in the Instagram location.

Something awkward because of its large stones - do not miss the crabs in the suitcase, please - has enviable views of Javea.

It has a rock to escape with a very cool beer. Mixed with the salt of the water, it is the true flavor of summer. The road, of course, is an epatante delight. A photo in your viewpoint is mandatory.

For views, also, those of Cabo de San Antonio. They want to sit down and admire their views while Joan Manuel Serrat's song plays in their heads. Or on mobile, that we are technological for a reason. We already have the full Saturday.

Cabo de San Antonio

The Cape of San Antonio, one of the most impressive views of the area © Getty Images

Speaking of mobile, Instagram shouts at us to go to Cala del Portitxol, which has its own article. It is true that it is worth it for the photo, but getting to it and enjoying its location is something that is not captured by the purpose of the phone.

Its road, among some of the most beautiful houses in Javea, is already worth it. Especially since, between roof and roof, we observe the sea in the background, calling us. If possible, the view between any of its holes deserves a previous photograph.

Below, we find this little Santorini whose houses - private property, which we do not forget - are the perfect setting for the weekend photo. They belong to Peña El Mero.

Observing all this it is clear that Cala del Portitxol has photogenic beauty, crowned between mountains. It is a small Alicante paradise that makes the eyes live and suffer at the feet.

And after the photo? Have a drink at the new beach bar: Cala Clemence. To stop retouching the photos, breathe the sea breeze and feel lucky - and melancholic - before returning. Oh!


White and blue: the colors of one of the trendiest beaches of the summer © iStock