El Charco Azul de El Hierro: a natural pool ready to fall in love


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It seems designed on purpose, custom-made on a sheet of paper so that the man's hand then lifts such a sculpture. But no, Mother Nature creates the greatest wonders and you don't have to leave Spain to discover a corner that will leave you speechless.

We talk about the Blue Puddle on the island of El Hierro, so far the smallest of the Canary Islands (since we now have 'eighth island'). It is one of the most spectacular bathing areas of the island, which lacks beaches but offers a wide range of unique natural pools.

Here the sea is quite rough, but thanks to the way the lava left when it reached the coast (when the island was created, about 100 million years ago) and after the tireless erosion of the incessant waves, this Beautiful natural pool (or puddle) that allows you to take a relaxing bath in turquoise waters. And soundtrack, the enveloping sound of the sea in the background.

The Charco Azul is located in El Golfo, a town located in a steep valley, built by the capricious ways of running solidified lava. Access to this natural pool is simple and you can also enjoy its facilities (a solarium perfectly designed for sunbathing in the outskirts of the Puddle). The most daring can launch into the water from different heights without any danger.

To get to this unique place you have to follow the road from Tigaday (La Frontera town center) to Los Llanillos, and from here take direction towards the coast (it is very easily appreciated). Once the car is parked, the adventure begins (out of all danger) and it is very worthwhile. The descent is made by a ladder attached to the cliff to the seashore.

The most spectacular bathing area is located in a small cave just over 10 meters long and six meters wide. Although we must warn that there are no services here , it is accessed naturally, but it is essential if you want to reach the true heart of the Blue Puddle. Next to the 'underwater' cave another open-air puddle has been enabled, more adapted and accommodated.

Of course we do not forget to fill the stomach. What the blacks usually do is get off to spend the day in the Puddle with a good tortilla, soft drinks and some snacks. If you fancy being one of the area, stop by the Caserío de los Llanillos, where you will find a small town shop where you can stock up to spend the day in the Blue Puddle without starving.

If you are one of those who prefer to sit at the table and taste good dishes, we recommend the Asador Artero restaurant (Calle Artero, 20) in the town of Tigaday about five minutes by car from Charco Azul. As a good grill, sirloin (better with pepper) with some wrinkle and mojo potatoes, is the star dish. They also offer a great variety of native wines.

It is a place made to disconnect and appreciate what surrounds you, but if you want you can take your diving goggles to snorkel. Since it is not an open sea, you will not find many species since the water is constantly renewed, but if any limpet, smooth or pejeverde will welcome you in the Puddle.

And so is this work that seems to bear the name of César Manrique but is signed by the whims of nature. A place where not even Narcissus when looking at the reflection of the water, could say that it is more beautiful than this puddle.

Charco Azul, El Hierro

Blue Puddle, The Iron © iStock