From Morocco to Japan: you will want all the pieces of this signature! –And you have them at a click–


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- What a beautiful carrycot!

- A friend from Colombia brought it to me.

- Where is that bag from?

- I bought it in a small town in Portugal.

- And these ideal cushions?

- They're from a souk in Tangier.

- Where is that backpack from?

- I found her in a street market in Bali.

How many times have you seen a wonderful piece and have taken a snap to know that it was hundreds of kilometers away?

The shell bracelets, the carrycot, the alms, the tassel earrings, the raffia cluth, the net bag, the fine gold-plated chains, … It is impossible to crown only one of them as the summer accessory. We love them all and we love them all.

It is true that many of them can be bought in our country, but it is not the same to walk along the street with a bag that you will surely see repeated until satiety, than to have a unique, handmade and newly arrived piece of your country of origin and not of a chain production.

An –attractive– option would be to travel around the world collecting jewelry, kimonos, bags and other treasures.

But if it becomes very bad for you to become Willy Fog, we have the solution: Cuckoo B, the firm that you are going to fall in love with - as Russian Red and Anni B Sweet singers , artist Miranda Makaroff, have done actress Calu Rivero or model Kate Dillon Levin–.

Cuckoo B

Jungle in the city, with exotic dyes and accessories made with natural fibers © Cuckoo B


Yle and Jesu are, in addition to very good friends, the founders of Cuckoo B. Jesu is a Chilean architect, specialist in trends and product development and Yle is a Spanish nutritionist who loves fashion.

The firm emerged a year ago in a beautiful garden of Capitol Hill (Seattle), where both currently reside, while catching up after a holiday in Japan (one had just arrived and the other was going shortly).

“We were chatting about all those pieces of crafts that we brought from our trips when we decided to create Cuckoo B - says Yle -, which arises after a real need for both of them to find pieces from different parts of the world in a single store with a history behind and made through millenary artisan techniques but with the plus of the own design ”, he explains.

The objective? Offer customers the feeling of traveling without having to buy a plane ticket.


“Cuckoo Bee is a type of nomadic bee that only feeds on the best nectars it encounters during its world tours, ” explains Yle when we ask him for the name of the firm.

“Each of our products are those select nectars; bags, accessories and things for the house with a 100% handmade base, inspired by the history, culture and traditions of different geographical places, ”he says.

Cuckoo B

Jesu and Yle, founders of Cuckoo B © Cuckoo B


Most of the products are designed and developed by themselves in collaboration with wonderful artisans based in different countries

"The pieces are made 100% by hand, one by one and from ancestral techniques that pass from generation to generation, " they comment. It is that uniqueness that makes each article become a timeless treasure with a story to tell.

"The idea is to increasingly increase our fantastic community, " says Yle. They currently have artisans based in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, India, Mexico, France, the United States, Chile, Japan and different areas of Africa.


The stories and anecdotes of how they have discovered these artisans are endless. "We contacted them on our trips, by family and friends who are looking for contact, through social networks, online, through intermediaries that we have in some countries and help us in the work, etc.", Yle and Jesu tell

“Many of them live far from what we know as civilization and that apparent difficulty is really what makes all this even more unique, pure and special, ” they explain.

Cuckoo B

The Dreaming of Japan collection is inspired by the land of the rising sun © Cuckoo B


Nothing is written in the fashion world , nothing is impossible and much less predictable. One season futuristic fabrics appear and the next one advocates linen, raffia and cotton.

What we can say is that the handmade and the value of the artisanal, of the unique, is getting more and more important. "It has its roots in lifelong craftsmanship and is now booming as an alternative to chain production of large industries that resulted in less personal items and that often had everyone, " said the founders from Cuckoo B.

“In addition, the handmade is closely linked not only to the fact of making pieces manually or by hand, it is also linked to the way of life of artisans. Especially with that commitment to good work and quality, ”adds Yle.

And that good work is reflected in many things: the time invested, the final result, the exclusivity of each article… “For example, each Estela bag or each Carmen bag takes up to 3 full weeks to complete because they are made thread thread by the same craftsman. This for some is one more bag but for the vast majority, here lies true luxury, ”he says.

Cuckoo B to buy

Estela bag, made in Colombia by the Wayuu Indian pubelo, takes up to three weeks to complete © Cuckoo B



These two friends find their inspiration in intact and wild places. "Its people, its history, its traditions … In all that there is beauty and honesty, " they say.

And sometimes, having patience, discovering places, without haste or deadlines, is the prettiest way to learn and enrich yourself: “The muses of before and the muses of today. The colors and the noble and tame materials. People who still live in community and care about each other. The painting, the history and the good music. What is created over low heat and the passion to travel, ” says Yle enthusiastically.

Yle defines his style as sophisticated, classic and quite versatile while Jesuit's is more comfortable, with an eclectic touch. However, both agree that the key is to mix and, of course, they treasure valuable treasures brought from their travels in their closets.

Cuckoo B to buy

The Jane basket, inspired by what Jane Birkin used to use © Cuckoo B


A trip that marked them? “Tokyo fell in love with me: I could go a thousand times and continue to impress myself . I was struck by its contrasts: the bustle of the city with the calm of the Japanese, millenary temples next to skyscrapers and neon signs, its simple and sophisticated cuisine at the same time, ”says Jesús.

Yle recently returned from a road trip through Utah, Arizona and Nevada from Phoenix to Las Vegas through Sedona, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon or Monument Valley. "I enjoyed as a dwarf for its brutal landscapes from beginning to end, its good weather, the great music that played on the radio and the best of companies."

Your list of pending places is endless. Cuba, Alaska and the island of Maui encanbezan that of Yle while Jesu opts for Bali, Palawan and Jamaica.

Now, if it is a matter of choosing your favorite place in the world, no one doubts it by pronouncing the word family.

Cuckoo B to buy

The Leandra bag is made by artisans from Guacamayas (Colombia) © Cuckoo B



Opening your website is opening a window to the different countries of the world without taking a single step. The Clarisa bag comes from the Portuguese region of Alcobaça; The Josefina model, made from henequen fibers and vegetable dyes, is typical of Yucatan ; and the Sabrina model is made by craftsmen from Marrakech with palm leaves.

We also find earrings - like these made of tassels made in Mexico -, sunglasses, hats - like this one coming from La Guajira (Colombia) -, scarves and even kimonos and decorative objects.

Cuckoo B to buy

Gala fringe earrings, hand made in Mexico © Cuckoo B


Yle's favorites? “How difficult! I like everything! Our Rosario bag to give a casual touch to any look. Leandra to go out for a Sunday brunch and some bag from the Japan collection to go out at night; surely the Amaya bag of snakes and klein blue velvet and the Yayoi Bag with bamboo handles. Ah! And the porcelain Olivia earrings seem like the bomb too. ”

Jesu keeps the Yayoi bag: “We designed it inspired by the work of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and it is made through an almost extinct Mexican technique through dried pumpkins. Victoria earrings are another of my favorites. ”

The next autumn winter collection is inspired by Africa “and all the wonders that this brutal continent can offer: its people, traditions, colors and artisan techniques. Although we are constantly including new products in the rest of the stories, ”they comment.

Cuckoo B to buy

The Yayoi bag, inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama, made of guaje and bamboo © Cuckoo B



You can purchase the Cuckoo B pieces at their online store - they ship to five continents! - and on pages such as Amazon Fashion, My Peeptoes Store and Armoire. In addition, they are present in physical stores in the United States (Hitchcock Madrona) and Europe (Boutique Carot, in Santander ).

“In the end, we believe that what is beautiful, unique, has a history behind and it is possible to fit the look of all kinds of women wherever you are, say Yle and Jesu.

Cuckoo B

The Aurora bag, handmade by Balinese artisans © Cuckoo B


When we ask them about their plans, they are clear about their primary objective: “We would like to continue growing and continue betting on our own design, by incorporating more and more artisanal techniques and therefore; offer ideas that really like and surprise ”.

In addition, "in parallel, we want Cuckoo B to continue to settle for different locations through direct sales in highly selected multi-brand stores so that the customer can appreciate the product on site."

And above all, his biggest challenge is to continue enjoying this project as beautiful and personal as they have been doing so far "to the cry of #hailthebee".

Cuckoo B

The Sabrina bag, made with palm leaves in Marrakech © Cuckoo B