Summer is blue: these are the destinations that will conquer you this vacation


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Summer is fleeting but intense, like everything good. It is the turning point, beginning and end. It is a time for reunions, to say goodbye to the routine, to spend some time at the airport, to dust off your bicycle, to fix the world on a terrace and to enjoy once more a magical destination.

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The ten bluish holiday destinations of the moment

It is the season that invites us to go out in the fresh early morning, to enjoy the sun by the water, to lose ourselves in its pink and romantic sunsets, to look at the landscapes with other eyes, to value every minute and to dream more awake than asleep Blessed summers!

Optimism, fun and joy become the protagonists. It's time to store our monotonous winter clothes and bring out our colorful summer models.

What are the shades that make up the summer ? The yellow of the sun, the orange peach, the white that beautifies the Ibizan nights … And, above all, the blue. The blue of the sky, the blue of the sea, the blue of CK One Summer, the soft and seductive essence of Calvin Klein that gives that unique touch to our summer.

The summer heat is on, time to fully enjoy it ☀️? CK One Summer #ckone @calvinklein - By: @miguelanxofoto? A shared publication of DANIELILLESCAS (@danielillescas) on Jun 21, 2018 at 5:54 p.m. PDT

But he never comes alone, with him come the desire to travel . The wanderlust spirit is activated more than ever. That is when one of the biggest dilemmas of this summer season arises: where do I go on vacation? And it brings with it many more questions: beach or mountain? city ​​or town? Hotel or apartment? Plane, ship or train?

We are always looking for and capturing those places that make us disconnect . Small paradises that with their crystalline waters manage to reconcile with the rest of the world, that just by breathing their sea breeze invades us happiness or that with an inspiring walk between flirtatious little houses they make us wish that this story of which we are protagonists never ends.

The goal is to live an experience so rewarding, relaxing, fun and different that we are recorded in the memory for the rest of the year and, if possible, of our lives. A getaway from those who make history. And we cannot admit the slightest mistake, summer has to be synonymous with perfection.

Not only will we remember the tones that color the postcard landscapes and the melody of the waves, but they will also mark the aromas. And what better complement for our luggage than the bluish CK One Summer perfume, refreshing and fruity . Because yes, Calvin Klein has the style and strength to be our faithful companion during this adventure.

Therefore, we have chosen for you some destinations that will not leave you indifferent. The clear sky and the sea wear summer blue, and these wonderful corners of the world are the ones that best combine with the color of these much desired days of sun and heat.

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The ten bluish holiday destinations of the moment