Trujillo: Extremadura with skin, wine and good lying


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Undoubtedly one of the historical jewels of Extremadura that has become one of the tourist destinations most appreciated by travelers . Its cuisine, its wines and its picturesque palaces are the perfect getaway for those who want it all.

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Trujillo's story is possibly as extensive as revolt. The Romans passed by and baptized it as Turgalium, becoming a prefecture of Augusta Emérita (Mérida) and leaving a great heritage in the city in the form of archaeological remains. And that's how José Antonio Ramos, Trujillo's official chronicler, presents it as a city where everything has happened.

En los soportales de la plaza de Trujillo

In the arcades of Trujillo Square © Getty Images

Trujillo's passage through the Middle Ages was a pulse between Muslims and Christians through that well-placed commercial city. He would not have a city title until the end of the fifteenth century, which Juan II of Castile granted him such privilege.

Cradle of conquerors, the city of Trujillo saw the birth of two great illustrious characters in the history of our country: on the one hand Francisco Pizarro, a native of Trujillo and who is credited with the conquest of Peru and on the other hand Francisco de Orellana, also natural from the town and to whom the discovery of the Amazon River is attributed. As a curious fact, both were relatives of the latter's maternal grandmother.

Land of hunting, Iberian meat and wine, Trujillo has become over the years a destination of great tourist interest. In addition, its proximity to the Monfragüe National Park has made it a very interesting stop for those seeking history, but also nature.

Todo el pueblo disfrutando en la plaza de Trujillo

The whole town enjoying in Trujillo Square © Getty Images


The main square. It is one of the most photographed urban monuments in the town . Presiding over it since the late twenties, is the equestrian figure of Francisco Pizarro. Renaissance character, its arches and arcades surround one of the largest plazas in our country. Among the places to visit in the same square is the Church of San Martín (S. XIV) and, of course, its fabulous restaurants

The wall. Trujillo is a fortified city with walls, a monument started in the eleventh century originally with seven doors of which four are still preserved. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument at the beginning of the last century . It had 22 defensive towers of which there are 17. Walking on the walls is breathing a story based on a thousand years of battles

The Castle This fortress was built between the ninth and twelfth centuries, in Muslim Spain, and is located in the Head of Zorro, a hill located in the upper part of the city. This peculiar defensive fortress still retains a pair of Arab reservoirs and can be visited.

Muralla de Trujillo

Trujillo Wall © Getty Images

Its alleys and palace s. Getting lost in the streets of Trujillo is almost having the feeling that time has not stopped for centuries. Its cobbled streets can take us to the Alcazarejo de los Altamiranos or the Torre del Alfiler .

Before admiring the square, it is always a good idea to lose sight in the numerous palaces such as the Dukes of San Carlos, the Marquises de la Conquista or the Marquises de Piedras Albas .


So many years claiming that Extremadura would not have wines to "compete" now perhaps gives us a little laugh after assimilating the years of success of the Bodegas Habla Revolution . Surrounded by its vineyards, which hold eight grape varieties, is Bodegas HABLA, a building of great architectural value and awarded for its design, made of copper and glass and integrated with the environment.

Its uniqueness lies in the contrast between the modern concept of the winery and the history that surrounds Trujillo. In short, a lot of art and perfect facilities to enter the world of wine, and its doors are open.

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500 meters from the winery, there is Dehesa de la Torrecilla . A unique hacienda nestled in a modern agricultural-livestock farm with more than 1, 000 hectares of Extremaduran countryside and a hundred magnificent specimens of Pure Spanish Breed.

The stud also houses an interesting collection of carriages that represent authentic museum pieces. Both spaces also allow you to enjoy a wide range of complementary activities such as horse carriage rides, equestrian and musical shows, tastings, tourist routes through Trujill and its closest geographical environment (Monfragüe, Guadalupe, Plasencia, Cáceres), golf in the Talayuela and Cáceres fields, etc.

So, for lovers of exclusivity, good taste, exceptional, luxury, exquisite, well-made things … From Extremadura, cradle of conquerors, Bodegas HABLA, the other story of Trujillo.

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José Luis Carbajo, commercial director of the winery has told us a little more about the phenomenon: "HABLA is Trujillo, land of advanced discoverers in its time, like us. We know that Trujillo is as proud to have HABLA as we feel of forming a small part of it. When these feelings are reciprocal, both parties understand the mutual benefit that it entails. "

In addition, he tells us that a year ago the winery took another step and now surprises with the HABLA Fashion collection, intertwining the world of haute couture with a new identity as delicate and elegant as a breaker that resembles each creation, made with pieces of Renowned designers, to a work of art. It is definitely the great ambassador of Trujillo.

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First of all we have to take into account that Trujillo is in an area where hunting has a notable role, as in the entire community of Extremadura. Trujillo can boast having great grills for lovers of grilled goat or pig meat, but also to receive its travelers with large spoon dishes, its moraga or its delicious crumbs .

Of course, on weekends and during the summer season it usually has a huge influx of people so it is advisable to always book wherever you go, both in the Plaza Mayor and in the rest of the historic center.

One of Trujillo's best steakhouses is without a doubt La Alberca (Victoria, 8) . In La Alberca, the sense of eating Iberian meat is like going to Malaga to eat sardines "espetás". Located in the old town, this family restaurant takes you to the kitchen of yesteryear with produce from the earth and the charcoal in its roasts.

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It may not be the prettiest, nor the most photogenic for your instagram profiles, but what I can tell you is that you will not need to aim when you try their amazing Iberian sirloin with apple sauce, their venison sirloin or their ribeye steak res retinta. Verbena of homemade desserts made with care for a party worthy of the gods for those who have decided to bet on this modest grill.

The Parador de Trujillo (Santa Beatriz de Silva) is another of the city's gastronomic attractions. It is located in the Convent of Santa Clara, a 16th-century building inside which is a beautiful Renaissance cloister and is supposed to be one of the most demanded accommodations by tourists. Its gastronomic offer is quite remarkable, where the Iberian acorn-fed ham DO Dehesa de Extremadura is not missing among its obligatory appointments.

The famous Finca Pascualete cheese can be seen in its croquettes, now so fashionable to have the best in Spain and the sixth in the world. And his roast suckling pig may not be from this world.

Terraza del Parador de Trujillo

Terrace of the Parador de Trujillo ©

And if we are to talk about a gastronomic obligation with Trujillo, that is to stop at the Plaza Mayor and eat the famous crumbs of Mesón La Troya . It is possibly the most famous place in the city, as its walls say, lined with photographs of illustrious people who have come over the years to enjoy their legendary crumbs.

This restaurant of all the life, forged a small gastronomic empire on a palace of the XVI century and already has more than a century of age. The crumbs of the Troy are more than the typical Extremaduran crumbs; They go well stocked with chorizo ​​and bacon, with the right point of dryness and an explosive flavor to the wonderful paprika of La Vera . Can you ask for more? Maybe yes: your stew.

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24 good reasons to go to Extremadura (according to a Briton)