Literary recommendations for a summer of black novel


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What are vacations without a good book to accompany you? We love literature all year, but much more in summer with the tranquility of sitting at sunset on a terrace to read a novel, if it can be one that keeps us sitting for hours and hours, much better.

These are some of the novelties and best sellers in the genre of the black novel for this summer 2018. Ready for a literary journey ?

Gibraltar en la nueva aventura de Lorenzo Silva.

Gibraltar in Lorenzo Silva's new adventure. © Getty Images

'Far from the heart' by Lorenzo Silva (Destination editions)

The Strait of Gibraltar places us in a new adventure of Bevilacqua and Chamorro, which in this new case travel to Algeciras to solve the kidnapping of a wealthy computer scientist with businesses outside the law.

With this already add eleven the adventures of this intimate couple of the Civil Guard, and with which Silva has received several awards such as the Planet Award for 'The Mark of the Meridian' or the Nadal Award for 'The impatient alchemist'. The author exposes in this new novel a topic, sometimes forgotten, such as internet crimes .

'The disappearance of Stephanie Maile' by Joël Dicker (Alfaguara)

'The truth about the Harry Quebert case' dragged thousands of people into compulsive reading in 2012. A young Dicker (27 years old) was presumed to be the revelation of the black novel in Switzerland and around the world.

This month the writer returns with a new novel, 'The disappearance of Stephanie Maile', a thriller located in Orphea, The Hamptons (USA) in 1994. Two young police officers investigate the disappearance of the journalist Stephanie Maile, who was also investigating a Case closed twenty years ago about the murder of a mayor and his whole family during the Village Theater Festival.

Suances en Cantabria.

Suances in Cantabria. © Alamy

'Where we were invincible' by María Oruña (Destino Editions)

María Oruña and Lieutenant Valentina Redondo take us to Suances in Cantabria. Before taking his vacation, the lieutenant meets the death of the gardener of the former Palace of the Master, in which the American writer Carlos Green has just settled, with the will to revive his youth summers .

Although it seems like a natural death, someone has touched the body, and everything points to paranormal presences. Even with skepticism, Valentina and her team will have to face an investigation to which they are not accustomed.

'When the prisoner leaves' by Fred Vargas (Siruela Policiaca)

The French police novel writer, recently awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters, returns with a new case for Commissioner Adamsberg . The case starts with the inmate, a highly poisonous arachnid, and causing the death of two elderly people two weeks apart.

The investigation leads to the discovery of a network of child abuse, which places the reader between the dilemma of choosing between legal justice or not.

'The Murder of Laura Olivo' by Jorge Eduardo Benavides (Alliance)

Lavapies in Madrid is the scene of the debut in the black genre of Jorge Eduardo Benavides. The story, which talks about the darkness of the publishing world, is about the murder of a famous literary agent, Laura Olvido, who had a relationship with Lucía Luján, a journalist accused of her murder.

Colorado Larrazabal, Peruvian expoliation now based in Madrid, will be responsible for solving the crime after the request of his landlady, and Lucia's aunt, the young journalist.

Lavapies de novela negra.

Black Novel Lavapies. © Getty Images