The Pâtissier, the best ice cream in Madrid, is ephemeral!


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Blessed summer! Heat, sun, holidays and … ice cream! If we have already told you what are the novelties for this season, today we bring a new, pop-up ice cream and brioche from the great pastry chef Ricardo Vélez . You will melt with pleasure!

Let's start by telling you what The Pâtissier is . It is a multipurpose space, which is dedicated to teach courses and tastings that has been running for two years. But it is also a versatile space that in time has hosted presentations of ham, perfume tastings, meetings … And now, once again, the space mutates to become a summer pop-up dedicated to ice cream and brioches .

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Ricardo Vélez, puts all his creativity to work and encourages us once again with his know-how. Recall that it is one of the greatest exponents of pastry in our country, which was the National Gastronomy Award in 2014, the Best Pastry Chef Award in Spain the same year and Prix au Chef Pâtissier Internacional in 2017 .

But not only do the awards endorse his work, but the simple fact of going through his mother house, Moulin Chocolat, ensures high doses of sweet pleasure.

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We talked to the creator to tell us what The Pâtissier is about. “We always had the idea of ​​setting up a temporary ice cream and brioche store. Ice cream because it is what the body asks for in summer and brioches because we wanted to give rise to a traditional pastry dough that is reviled in the background. We want to put them on trend, ”says Vélez.

And so they have given rise to a space that will work the months of July and September - in August they rest - in which these two elements are the protagonists, sometimes merging - brioche filled with ice cream -, in others shining on their own, as it is the case of salted brioches, something that customers always claimed.

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“The idea is that you take it and go to enjoy it in the Retreat. We are only two steps away and here we produce products to take away, in the form of a snack too, that will ensure you an idyllic day in the park, ”says the pastry chef.

The Pâtissier has a showcase where you will find different types of brioche: filled with chocolate cream and covered with more chocolate and almonds, another made with praline cream, also filled with lemon with flamed meringue or vanilla covered with caramel.

But there is not the thing, because they also make available to customers other different, with the dough topped in the center by coulis of violets and blueberries, cheesecake, peach and vanilla or banoffee .

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Without forgetting the cream bamba, a celestial creation of brioche halved and filled with freshly mounted cream. And of course, salted brioches of salmon and mango or pastrami and pickle, among others . To accompany them and have a drink, a selection of natural and super refreshing drinks : red fruit punch, lemonade with mint, mango juice and passion fruit or strawberries and limes.

Next to them, ice cream. “I have chosen the six flavors that I like the most: Piedmont hazelnut, guanaja chocolate, lemon pie, Mara des Bois strawberries, vanilla with Havana7 - which is very reminiscent of a Moulin Chocolat dessert - and meringue milk with bacon from heaven”.

Together with them, the possibility of ordering them in an individual tub, 350 ml or 635 ml . If you want to make the round experience, ask for it with a homemade wafer cone or Sicilian cone , inside a brioche dough.

"In The Pâtissier and Moulin Chocolat we have a norm: if we do not manufacture it, we do not sell it", boasts Velez. And it is that here until the waffle they are made by hand, one by one and 100% homemade.

In short, The Pâtissier is going to become one of the place to be this summer in Madrid with creations that will not leave anyone indifferent …


Because not every day you have the opportunity to savor creations and ice cream from a reputed pastry chef. And because, what are we going to tell you, everything is of scandal and restrained prices invite you to try several things on each visit.


The store also has a gourmet area where you can get healthy and varied snacks, such as pumpkin and flaxseed pipe crackers, sunflower and millet pipes and natural basil and tomato oil popcorn, black olives or caramel and salt flower.

You can also take home your waffle tulips or the meringues with which ice cream crowns.

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Columela, 9. Under Right.


914 35 66 00


July and September. Tuesday and Wednesday: 12:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 12:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Sunday and Monday closed.

Half price

Ice cream tub with two flavors 2.80 euros. Ice cream cone with two flavors 3.30 euros. Brioche with ice cream ball 3.50 euros.