Dansez Maintenant, the dance festival held in a French castle


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He has changed chamber music and ballroom dancing for contemporary rhythms and dance. These days, in the rooms of the Château de Véretz, in the Center - Val-de-Loire region, you breathe art, listen to music and work (with) the body. These days, the second edition of the Dansez Maintenant festival is celebrated in this 19th-century castle .
“Our residence is from 2 to 8, about thirty dancers will be in the castle living together, creating and attending courses of guest teachers, explains Gabriela Gómez Abaitua director and founder of a festival that began its journey last summer with the vocation of "Crossing cultures and artistic expressions, linking interpreters with the inhabitants of the territory, contributing to the fullness of the artist and the public."

'Dansez Maintenant', el festival de danza que se celebra en un castillo francés

The Château de Véretz changes chamber music for contemporary rhythms © Dansez Maintenant

"The idea is born for reasons that intertwine the profession, family and historical heritage, " Gabriela reflects and then dive into her own history.

“I have the great luck that this magnificent castle belongs to my family for several generations and that I enjoyed it when I was little. As a professional dancer and choreographer I saw the opportunity to offer this space to art and combine residences for artists with shows for the public. I thought it was a very special place that would serve as inspiration for the artists and it seems that it is being ”.

And it is that a group of professional dancers is already housed in the castle, attending two daily workshops and participating in the Creative Laboratory, an initiative in which it is they who develop their proposals around the theme of this edition, After the rain, and then present them to the public that joins Dansez Maintenant on July 7 and 8.

Can you imagine watching dance in the middle of the forest or in the halls of a neo-Gothic castle? That will be what happens this weekend. That and contemporary dance workshops in which to learn to deepen the movement of our body. Also, exchanges with artists to learn about their creative processes and their vision of art. And, of course, there will be plenty of guided tours of the castle and shows.

'Dansez Maintenant', el festival de danza que se celebra en un castillo francés

For a week this castle becomes the residence of artists © Dansez Maintenant

“When the public arrives for festival days, everything is encouraged even more. It is a joy to see the exchange and closeness between artists and the public, it is something that everyone appreciates. In addition, visits to the castle further enrich the experience as you soak up not only art, but also history. I was very happy with the feedback of the people and the atmosphere that was breathed. The first year is always difficult and I was really satisfied with the work that was done and the fruit it gave, ”recalls Gabriela.

Tickets, whose price varies depending on the mode you want to purchase (one day, two or activity pass), can be purchased through its website. "There are still tickets, the capacity is very large, there is still room!"

If you are more than being on the other side, on the tables, take note because your candidacy may be chosen in future editions.

To register you just have to send a resume, two photographs, the link to a video published on platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube and fill out the form. The price for the 2018 edition has been € 680 and includes all courses, participation in the Creative Laboratory, accommodation in the castle and meals throughout the week.

'Dansez Maintenant', el festival de danza que se celebra en un castillo francés

After the residence, the artists will show their creations to the public © Dansez Maintenant

“Last year we were the first ones surprised with the experience. We had no idea what was going to happen and the first surprise was the reaction of the participants. Although time was not always on our side, all the dancers were excited about the project and the site. He highlighted precisely the relaxed atmosphere, being able to share not only moments of work, but also of tranquility in the forest, of talks in the classrooms and a very festive atmosphere at night (for those who still had energy) ”.

'Dansez Maintenant', el festival de danza que se celebra en un castillo francés

We Dance? © Dansez Maintenant