Egypt will open to the public the largest archeology museum in the world in 2020


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[UPDATE: everything we know about the Great Egyptian Museum, with the information of the Spanish Egyptologist Manuel José Delgado]

Egypt is recomposed after some convulsive years, it is seen with strength to return to receive those tourists in love with its charms and, for this, it pulls culture, of that millenary civilization that so seduces and that will reach greater prominence with the inauguration in 2020 of Great Egyptian Museum, a project called to be the largest archeology museum in the world.

After 15 years of work, its inauguration will make it a reality where you can walk and marvel at the 45, 000 works of art that you plan to exhibit. Attention to the data, because of them, 25, 000 had never been exposed before. In addition, and so that the appeal is even greater, 5, 000 pieces come from the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Así es el Gran Museo Egipcio

This is the Great Egyptian Museum © Archimotion

And yes, indeed, we can say that the Great Egyptian Museum (GEM) will be colossal, like the collections it will house inside and in line with the environment in which it is located: about 20 kilometers southwest of Cairo, in 50 hectares of land between the capital of the country and the Pyramids of Giza.

In fact, only 2 kilometers separate you from these Pyramids which makes it a new viewpoint from which to contemplate these monuments with which you try to blend in thanks to a triangulated geometry design with a facade of 800 meters in length and 40 meters of height. Such a genius is the work of the Heneghan Peng Architects studio.

The 168, 000 square meters of area that the building has have been divided into three large galleries, conference facilities, educational spaces, a conservation and restoration center, leisure areas, restaurants, shops and cafes. It also has auxiliary buildings and large gardens.

The exhibition areas will be located in the upper levels of the GEM and will allow a tour from Prehistory to the Greco-Roman era, passing through the Pharaonic dynasties.

And only the entrance gives clues of what one can enjoy: an impressive statue of Ramses II, over 80 tons and 11 meters high, will receive the visitor who can access the rest of the show by a 25-meter staircase Tall.

Así es por dentro el Gran Museo Egipcio

This is the inside of the Great Egyptian Museum © Archimotion

* This article was initially published on 06.07.2018 and updated with the museum's new opening date.