Seven posters (in seven locations) to hallucinate with cinema and destinations


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No one makes us travel as much as the seventh art. And behind the wheel of this fantastic journey are film directors, who with their unique visual styles, with their aesthetic features and with their iconic film locations take us to other worlds without having to move from our home. That we all know and dream of touring the streets of New York, thanks to the big screen, it's a fact.

Destinations become shooting sets that invite us to catch a flight and travel in search of them, to cross the border between fiction and reality . The films have the wonderful ability to make us know distant lands in just a couple of hours. Travel and cinema have always shaken hands.

For this reason, NeoMam Studios has once again launched its creativity and, in collaboration with The Big Domain, has imagined how seven prestigious filmmakers would promote the locations of their own films through seven posters . For this they have designed a series of original posters that perfectly represent the traveling spirit of each director.

Tokyo, un largometraje dirigido por Sofia Coppola

Tokyo, a feature film directed by Sofia Coppola © Big Domain


Sofia Coppola's dream aesthetics and her ability to empathize through cinema with the problems that are part of our life have made her one of the best directors in the history of cinema. Lost in Translation is an ode to friendship and a love letter to the city of Tokyo .

The filmmaker, with this feature film, wanted to explain the cultural shock that a Westerner suffers upon reaching the Japanese capital . Bars, karaokes and streets full of people and illuminated with neon lights are the medicine that tries to remedy the existential emptiness that the protagonists suffer.

Filmed entirely in Japan, this film received four Oscar nominations and has been the trigger that so many tourists have traveled to this country and, of course, have visited the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel.

Cornualles, lo último de Tim Burton

Cornwall, the latest from Tim Burton © Big Domain


A dark and mysterious staging is the essence of Tim Burton's films. From Eduardo Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland, each of his stories makes us travel to other worlds where fantasy and extraordinary reigns.

In its latest creation, the home of Miss Peregrine for peculiar children, the mysterious orphanage is located in the small village of Portholland, in the beautiful English countryside of Cornwall, which invites us to disconnect with an incredible and green landscape drawn by cliffs and beaches .

Wes Anderson presenta Jaipur

Wes Anderson presents Jaipur © Big Domain


Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson's latest premiere, has been as successful as the rest of this director's films. From El Gran Hotel Budapest to Voyage to Darjeeling, all its stories have conquered us with its perfect staging and its careful aesthetics marked by bright colors, which have become its quintessential symbol.

Three brothers travel by train, motorbike and on foot the landscapes of India in Journey to Darjeeling . This adventure was filmed in Rajasthan, a region known for its pink color of its idyllic capital: Jaipur . It is normal for the director to succumb to his charms.

Wellington, un filme dirigido por Peter Jackson. Solo en cines.

Wellington, a film directed by Peter Jackson. Only in theaters. © Big Domain


Peter Jackson is the architect of one of the most iconic trilogies in film history : The Lord of the Rings. Much of it was filmed in Wellington, New Zealand, which with its beautiful landscapes gave life to Middle-earth .

The most characteristic location is Mount Victoria . His bucolic stamp inspired these fictional scenarios: the gardens of Isengard, the Anduin River, Rivendell, the Osgiliath forests and the Path of the Dead. The beauty of New Zealand landscapes makes us understand the love the director feels for his native country.

El misterioso Seúl de Chan-wook Park

The mysterious Seoul of Chan-wook Park © Big Domain


Chan-wook Park is famous for its pictorial sense of composition, its dark humor and its psychological thrillers. The maiden, her latest production, amazed the audience with her unexpected twists and her right aesthetic. But if there is a movie that represents this director, that is Oldboy.

Oldboy tells the story of a businessman who after 15 years kidnapped, motivated by revenge, undertakes an insatiable search for his captors. This shocking film was shot in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, a country that will conquer you with its temples, its palaces, its avant-garde architecture, its nature and its dynamic cities.

Chicago, la Gotham City de Batman

Chicago, Batman's Gotham City © Big Domain


Christopher Nolan, after 15 years of career, has gone from making independent low-budget films to direct one of the most popular international blockbusters of our time : the Batman trilogy. And what better scenario to install the fictional Gotham City than Chicago. The third largest city in the United States has a lot to offer: museums, imposing skyscrapers, impressive shopping areas, parks like the Millennium Park … This city will not leave you indifferent.

Petra, el taquillazo de Steven Spielberg

Petra, Steven Spielberg's blockbuster © Big Domain


ET, Jurassic Park, Shark, Saving Private Ryan … there are many films directed by Steven Spielberg that have gone around all the movie theaters in the world. But, above all, the adventures of Indiana Jones stand out . Petra, that city of reddish tones and carved on the rock that witnessed the filming of Indiana Jones and the last crusade . If you travel to Jordan, the ruins of this wonder of the modern world hide a must-stop place: the Treasury.