Forget about Berlin: Hamburg has what you need for a getaway with your friends


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We travel to northern Germany with your group of best friends . An ideal city to cycle, enjoy its real areas and lakes and the second most important port in Europe. And of his party, of course .

Just a year and a half ago, the impressive Elbphilharmonie, a building of the Swiss Herzog & de Meuron, opened Hamburg on the map. This is located in HafenCity, one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city and one of the most cosmopolitan and modern.

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The Elbphilharmonie building marks the skyline of Hamburg © Getty Images


For this getaway we chose the city ​​hotel Innside Hamburg Hafen . What we like most? It is about 15 minutes walk from the center and it has all the necessary characteristics for a trip with friends.

To begin with, the lobby is one of those that integrates in the same space the check-in table, the bar, the restaurant and the access to a terrace next to the canal, so you will have no excuse of just arriving to ask for a pint to go entering in environment.

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We are fascinated by his huge jars of Haribo sweets, graffiti that adorn the walls (painted by local artists) and his head bartender, Fernando, a Spaniard based in Hamburg who prepares gin tonics to die for.

And in the rooms? All possible comfort in a minimalist space. There is nothing to distract and you will be enchanted by its rain shower, its king-size beds and a special detail, free minibar with … German beers! When night falls, the lobby is animated with DJ sessions and the gastronomic offer of Werft, its restaurant of craft cuisine and delights of Hamburg.

Innside Hamburg Hafen

Wert Restaurant © Innside Hamburg Hafen


Hello summer! Being the Elbe River so extensive, the hamburgers took advantage of one of its banks to create an artificial beach, with the harbor in front and impressive mansions behind. When the sun rises every child of a neighbor undertakes the journey to frolic in the sand. And now that the weather is good, you will also do it with your friends.

The place to go? Strandperle, the most magical beach bar in the city. They say that during World War II, the Trinhalle closed temporarily, to reopen its doors in 1949 by Eva and Max Lühr, along with Bernt Seyfert, who was the one who in 1973 opened the Strandperle.

In those years it was common to meet sailors, pilots and other hamburgers who drank beer by the river . It was in 2017 when the Seyfert family gave the baton of the beach bar to its current owners, who have made it the place to be of this artificial beach.

The plan? Delight in your simple kitchen (salads, hamburgers, currywurst ) or simply lay on one of their hammock chairs and rejoice beer in hand, while watching huge ships loaded with containers pass by.

Strandperle, el chiringuito con más magia de la ciudad

Strandperle, the most magical beach bar in the city © Getty Images


If it happens that your friends are foodies, you can not miss the coolest restaurant in the city, Die BANK . Located inside an 1897 palace, in Hohe Bleichen, Die Bank has a long history behind it.

Among its walls was the Hamburg mortgage bank, to open its brasserie and a cocktail and oyster bar in 2005 at the bank's old box office. With chef Henning Wulf at the controls of the stove, there you will find international cuisine at prices for all budgets.


The building in which Die BANK is located dates from 1897 © Die BANK

Next stop, The Table, a sinuous table that says it all. In this restaurant with three Michelin stars, you will live a memorable experience.

What really excites us is that all diners share a large curved table, with the kitchen in sight to see everything Kevin Fehling prepares, one of the great figures of German cuisine, since he has managed to combine in his kitchen the traditional recipes of Hamburg with exotic ingredients and contemporary preparations that will leave you speechless.

The Table, Hamburgo

Three Michelin stars and an impossibly beautiful table © The Table


If there is a neighborhood that changes and comes alive at night, that is Reeperbahn, in the outskirts of Sankt Pauli . And every night, it's party night in Hamburg. Halfway between the red light district (with streets that only men can enter) and a party neighborhood, it hosts many clubs, restaurants, theaters and nightlife.

Did you know that this is where the Beatles started their career there in the 60s? Yes, right there, that's why they even have a dedicated square with sculptures.

Do you want to dance with the locals? You will find them in dwarf sites and filled to the flag. They do not charge entrance and the drink is more than cheap (beers at 2 euros). We talk about places like Rosi's Bar or Barbarabar. In the first, Michael Jackson may sound like Britney Spears 'Toxic' dance and in an adjacent room he has table football and billiards, while the second hosts live performances.

Clockers alt=

Welcome to 'speak easy' © Clockers

Are you more of the speak easy roll? Then you have to know Clockers . There is nothing to announce at the door, just a small bell at the entrance. They have a quieter part with chester sofas and another that turns into a dance club every night. What to ask for? A 'gin basil smash' with its own gin, the Clockers Gin .

Clockers alt=

The best drinks, HERE © Clockers


On Tuesdays and Fridays the Isemarkt takes place, a market that is mounted under the U-Bahn viaducts, specifically between the stations of Eppendorfer Baum and Hoheluft, and is considered as one of the largest outdoor markets in Europe where to buy vegetables, flowers and delicacies such as organic cheeses, homemade pasta or Baltic fish.

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Isemarkt © Getty Images

For its part, every Saturday morning, the Flohschanze market is held, in the bohemian neighborhood of Sternschanze . The best? That it is forbidden to sell new objects, so everything you will find there is vintage, whether clothing, books, art or a chandelier like your grandmother's house.

Finally, and most importantly - and famous in the whole world - the Fischmarkt of Hamburg is the place to be every Sunday.

Flohschanze market

Flohschanze market © Getty Images

The plan? Buy fish and fresh fruit at a great price, fish snacks and eat them on the banks of the Elbe River . But also attend live concerts and dance in the old fish market that dates back to 1896 and was remodeled after World War II.

The best? It opens at 5 in the morning, so it will not be strange for you to see zombies that have not slept there, just out of Reeperbahn clubs, as well as early birds that get up early every Sunday to get the best food.

Olvídate de Berlín, ¡hola, Hamburgo!

Forget about Berlin, hello, Hamburg! © Getty Images