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The Observatory of the Russian Salad is clear. A Russian salad made and right should not be accompanied by lettuce or chips. Does not accept the use of molds in the presentation, spun egg or olives and pickles in its composition. That, to name some of the prohibitions that the ODER has established in its decalogue of the perfect use and enjoyment of the Russian salad .

Outrage in their preparation is committed daily and in all the bars of the Spanish geography that decide to include it in their summer menu. Although that does not mean that they are not good or that they do not have a good legion of fans. It is what the human race has, which fascinates everything that goes beyond the limits accepted by society . And in this case, the purists.

Thinking of making your search a little easier to find some of the best in Spain, we delimit things a bit with a list of our favorite Russian salads. But as there are not two equal palates, we also use the recommendations of our readers and even the followers of social media writing.

It is up to you to plan a good route to try them all …

¿Qué tiene que tener la ensaladilla rusa perfecta?

What does the perfect Russian salad have to have? © Alamy

Dar La Can and Los Espumosos (Zaragoza)

In Zaragoza they take seriously that of finding and rewarding the best salad in the city. That is why they recently opened the first specialized contest to find it . The Dar La Lata bar won the first prize - in second place was El Escondite and in third place, La Plata - for its Talad Salad, inspired by Rumañín, Elena Quintín's story .

That in the news, because as a favorite of a lifetime he won the position of the "classic" of Los Espumosos, a brewery specialized in beer with lemon from the house. Accompany her with some Orly prawns and ask for mercy to have the willpower to stop.

Ensaladilla ganadora de DarLaLata en Zaragoza

Winning salad of DarLaLata in Zaragoza © DarLaLata

Lambuzo (Madrid)

The Andalusian hit created by the Moreno García family and better known as Lambuzo, embroiders it with its Barbate tuna salad and the shrimp salad in any of its four Madrid locations. The 200 kilos they sell a week are reliable proof of their success.

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La Tape (Madrid)

Located between Count Duque and Malasaña, their followers agree that this is one of the best on their Sunday routes. It takes a little chives as decoration and although this is not usually revered by the most purists, it is not an impediment to it being one of the most sought-after modernist in the capital.

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Bar del Pla (Barcelona)

When they serve it at the table there is no diner who does not throw on it with an attitude worthy of the documentary of 2. With tuna, potato and grated egg. Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford were seen eating here on their last visit to Barcelona a couple of years ago … will they have fallen into their claws?

Gold Cup (Barcelona)

This hall of delights is one of the best kept jewels of Barceloneta when it comes to tapas. Their salad is decorated with monumental croutons of fried bread and with a texture that seems that angels have been in charge of kneading potatoes. A ten and the perfect preamble to a good and deserved sirloin with foie - one of the star dishes of the house.

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Culuca (A Coruña)

They serve it in a can of canned food and it is their most demanded lid . Awarded, loved and created by chef Chisco Jiménez.

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Tasquita de Enfrente (Madrid)

There is no ranking of salads in which Juanjo López is not . Simple, canonical, creamy and juicy bite, it always hides an ace in the sleeve according to the occurrences of the boss: crowned by sea urchins or anchovies, topped with ventresca tartare and caviar or, most recently, with sausage mince .

Ezkurra Bar (San Sebastian)

Potato that grazes the texture of a puree, peas, eggs, carrots, tuna, mayonnaise … Do you want it in a combination dish? Ahead. In pintxo? Well, okay. A ration to share? Well done. Or even in a tupper to take her home. And on top accompanied by a craft beer. Can you ask for more? It will be no.

We are running out of enough Goxua material like this ☝? Therefore, ask by phone with, if possible, 24 hours in advance. Bestela gabe geratuko zarete, elementuek! Aurretiaz eskatu, mesedez! A shared publication of Bar Rest Ezkurra (@ezkurra) on Jun 18, 2018 at 6:05 p.m. PDT

L'ànima del Vi (Barcelona)

The best accompaniment to one of the best natural wine lists of Born Barcelona. Add some Cantabrian anchovies and a ration of beef jerky and you'll want to live here forever.

The Cosmopolitan (Malaga)

One of the best and most honest restaurants in Malaga in terms of cuisine and treatment of the product. Scarce vegetables, flourishes and simply crowned with ham hash.

Ensaladilla de La Cosmopolita

The Cosmopolitan © DR

La Sanabresa (Madrid)

An institution of home cooking. This site not only triumphs in each of the elaborations of its extensive letter but also in a matter of prices. Although your salad violates the regulations for its use of Campo Real olives … who cares when it tastes SO good? In addition, its three waiters are the most charming of the Barrio de las Letras .

Café-Bar Gran Vía (Murcia)

Russian salad served on a bread donut and an anchovy. " Oh Murcia, how good you treat us with your sailors !"

Nájera (Madrid)

Following the canons of Salamanca, here the salad is dressed with a dove, a plus to its already delicious composition. The ODER guarantees its quality and the people who recommend it, its popularity. A classic of classics that, of course, is made with a delicate homemade mayonnaise.

Ensaladila Nájera

Nájera © DR

Cunini (Granada)

Next to the Cathedral, the prawn is the queen of the most popular salad at snack time. You need nothing more than potato and mayonnaise to get smiles and throw yourself an unprecedented (good) fame.

Jaylu (Seville)

We could invent that their hake roe with house mayonnaise are their peculiar tribute to the salad … if not because they have the crab always at the foot of the bar. A salad like God (and the Hope of Triana) rule.

Paca House (Salamanca)

One of two. Cover of homemade Russian salad in the style of Doña Pilar with prawns and anchovies from Santoña or served in a crispy crust of wheat (dove). If you ask us, we choose the second option head on . For living on the edge of the allowed cholesterol indices.

Jaylu, Sevilla

A salad like Seville mandates © Jaylu