Australia, a country of opportunities for young Spaniards


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Since July 1, it is already possible to apply for one of the 1, 500 Work & Holiday visas for young Spaniards who wish to go to Australia to live, work or study for a maximum period of one year.

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The applications, which will be attended in strict order of arrival, must be submitted online on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs through ImmiAccount, where it will be mandatory to create an account.

Once accepted, the visa holder may enter Australia for 12 months after the grant date and may remain in the country for up to one year - leaving and entering it as many times as he wishes as long as it is valid.

As the Australian government explains in the news bases, the main objective of the Work & Holiday visa is to provide its owner with a long vacation that will serve to strengthen cultural ties with Australia, so he will only be allowed to work until Six months with the same employer . Then you must either change jobs (unless the same company has other offices in different locations to which you can move) or enjoy the country without any responsibility.

Those who intend - with this visa - to complete their stay in Australia with some type of studies, the time allowed to devote to this activity is reduced to a maximum of four months.

¿Nos vamos a Australia a vivir un año?

Are we going to Australia to live a year? © Getty Images


Those wishing to apply for a Work & Holiday visa must pay the application fee (about € 280), be between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) at the time of applying and hold the Spanish passport (preferably) valid for at least six months

They must also certify their fluent level of English through an official degree (English Proficiency 1) and hold a diploma, bachelor's degree or master's degree, or at least have completed two full years of higher education.

On the other hand, it will be mandatory to demonstrate economic liquidity (5, 000 Australian dollars: about 3, 200 €), as well as having money to buy a ticket back to Spain (or have it bought).

Finally, they recommend that you take out medical insurance that covers your stay in Australia.

Si eres joven y con pasaporte español, Australia te espera con los brazos abiertos.

If you are young and with a Spanish passport, Australia awaits you with open arms. © Getty Images

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