Algarve hotels where we would like to stay and live


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We travel to the Algarve in search of endless beaches and charming villages and we find, in addition to all this, with a couple of hotels in which we would love to stay and live.

Authentic, relaxed, exclusive and respectfully integrated in the natural environment of southern Portugal, both Vila Monte Farm House and Praia Verde Boutique Hotel belong to the DHM (Discovery Hotel Management) property portfolio, a group characterized by preserving the own identity of each property, offering at the same time experiential experiences in tune with the region in which they are located.

Una de las piscinas del hotel Vila Monte Farm House, en el Algarve.

One of the pools of the Vila Monte Farm House hotel in the Algarve. © DHM


"A new concept, the usual Algarve", this concise slogan that serves as a letter of introduction of the hotel perfectly summarizes its idiosyncrasy 'made in Portugal', which reinterprets the traditional Algarve architecture and boasts an exquisite interior design devised by Vera Iachia, precursor of the 'decorative style of Comporta' .

Simple, sophisticated and functional are each and every one of the rooms and suites of Vila Monte Farm House: white, unpolluted, just dotted with the textures of untreated wood, raffia, wicker and natural fibers and slight details textiles in blue and turquoise tones, the colors of the near and powerful Atlantic.

Turquoise is also the imposing pool bathtub of the Laranjal Master Suite, which belongs to the collection of exclusive suites of the hotel, whose peculiarity lies in the fact that they are distinguished by their original characteristics and particularities, such as the Secret Suite and its beautiful private garden or the gigantic solarium of the Vila Monte Master Suite, with 360º views over the San Miguel Hill, Fuseta and Ria Formosa.

Blanca, impoluta, delicada, sencilla, relajada e increíblemente bella suite superior de Vila Monte Farm House.

White, pristine, delicate, simple, relaxed and incredibly beautiful superior suite of Vila Monte Farm House. © DHM


As simple, local and rustic as the decoration is the cuisine practiced in its restaurant A la Tierra, where local ingredients such as figs, oranges, mushrooms, eggplants and tomatoes, among many others, make delicious and homemade recipes They arrive at the center of the table (score, they tell me what is said in Portuguese) with the intention that diners share them as if they were in their own home.

A return to the origin practiced by chef Adérito Almeida, who claims to enjoy preparing seafood and fresh fish bought early in the morning at the market in the nearby city of Olhão: clams, anchovies, sardines, choco, mackerel … Do not wait Find them written in the letter, the offer will depend on catches of the day of the fishermen of the Algarve, so it is best to be advised when ordering.

Olive oil, salts from the area - from Tavira and Olhão and Castro Marim's salt flower - and a little lemon is the only thing Almeida allows to add so as not to distort its freshness and flavor.

Receta sencilla de pescado fresco en el restaurante A la Tierra, del hotel Vila Monte Farm House.

Simple fresh fish recipe at the restaurant A la Tierra, at the Vila Monte Farm House hotel. © DHM

Fresh salads, pizzas, bruschetas (toasts), roast chicken with aromatic herbs from the hotel garden, sea bass baked in wood or cooked in the Josper complete the menu … All accompanied by breads also handmade in the oven and topped by Homemade desserts with ingenious presentations. Ah! And coffee, Portuguese, or what is the same: ten.

Adérito Almeida is also responsible for directing the kitchen of the other gastronomic space of Vila Monte Farm House: the Laranjal restaurant (a more formal tidbit and in which only dinners are served; menu: about € 45).

Honest, attractive and original flavors, with a finer and more elaborate presentation, as confirmed by the chef. Prawns, cobblers, oysters (both natural and steamed with lemon) … a more international product, although equally exceptional.

Restaurante Laranjal del Vila Monte Farm House, de cocina más creativa y trabajada.

Laranjal Restaurant of the Vila Monte Farm House, with more creative and worked cuisine. © DHM


We would perfectly understand that no one would ever like to leave Vila Monte Farm House, with all these attractions, more than 9, 000 hectares of land, family and adult pools and incredible beauty treatments (who needs a spa to use when you can pamper yourself with lavender and rosehip in a charming little house located in the middle of a huge garden full of flowers).

But if you want to do it, the hotel offers different activities with which to approach the surrounding environment and culture in the most authentic way possible. You can start with a picnic in a secret place or pay a visit to the oyster nurseries of the Ria de Formosa, wrapped in high fisherman's boots to finish tasting these delicacies on the spot. Perhaps a tasting of premium oils at the Monterosa mill?

You can also hire a private boat excursion from the Fuseta pier to the infinite and almost deserted beach of Barra da Nova, where the hotel has an exclusive area of ​​umbrellas.

Privilegiada zona de descanso del hotel Vila Monte Farm House en la playa de Barra da Nova.

Privileged rest area of ​​the Vila Monte Farm House hotel on the beach of Barra da Nova. © DHM


Located in the middle of a pine forest, in the town of Castro Marim, Praia Verde Boutique Hotel has stunning views of the sea and access to an idyllic path that runs along a trail and through which you reach - after a short walk - directly to the white sand of Praia Verde.

A declaration of intent is its industrial design lobby, where a small nourished market of Portuguese products attracts attention , from wines and oils to plaids of natural wool handmade in the nearby Serra da Estrela.

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, situado en mitad de un inmenso pinar en la localidad de Castro Marim.

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, located in the middle of a huge pine forest in the town of Castro Marim. © DHM

Here everything seems to be designed for evasion, from the suites overlooking the garden and its original walls covered with wallpaper that recreates a crowded library of books to its Superior Rooms with sea views, whose huge window facing the bed makes it easy for the Atlantic is the first thing your eyes see as soon as you wake up.

Open all year round, Praia Verde Boutique hotel boasts a swimming pool in which to relax and a kids club where children will have fun as dwarves while you dedicate yourself to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Algarve, such as Praia do Barril ( on Tavira Island) or Barreta Praia (on Desert Island).

Quarto Superior con vistas al mar, en Praia Verde Boutique Hotel.

Quarto Superior with sea views, at Praia Verde Boutique Hotel. © DHM


"Mais do que um restaurant, or À Terra é uma form of life" (More than a restaurant, À Terra is a way of life), but not just any way of life, one in which the arms intersect in the middle of the table to take from salads and shared dishes, in which the pizzas are kneaded in front of your eyes before being baked with wood fire and in which chef David Domingues does his culinary magic with the best Portuguese products.

Horno de leña en el restaurante À Terra, en Praia Verde Boutique Hotel.

Wood oven in the restaurant À Terra, in Praia Verde Boutique Hotel. © DHM


Eating with views in the panoramic restaurant O Infante (in summer it is better to reserve a table), in Paria Verde, is a delight for the senses: the visuals will be satisfied with the activity and the proximity of the beach in the background and the tastes with the specialties Algarve-style tuna steak, fried stripe with razor rice, grouper paste or a traditional cod, which although not in the area is quite in demand.

You can also request boat trips on the Guadiana River, go to enjoy the sunset on a deserted beach or go to meet several wineries in the area to discover the secrets of the development of the Algarve wines.

Praia Verde, una kilométrica playa de arena blanca en el Algarve.

Praia Verde, a kilometer long white sand beach in the Algarve. © DHM

Pequeño mercado con productos portugueses en el lobby de Praia Verde Boutique Hotel.

Small market with Portuguese products in the lobby of Praia Verde Boutique Hotel. © DHM