Pacha Ibiza returns (although it was always there)


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Pacha is Ibiza. Ibiza is Pacha. The mythical disco, probably one of the most famous clubs in the world, has grown with the island. The local people consider her part of them, she is another neighbor, who has been with them for 45 years. That is why, when he closed his doors for the first time last winter, they missed and missed her. But Pacha Ibiza had to close a few months to rejuvenate, improved again, looking in his past he returns thinking about an euphoric present and a plethoric future.

In May he inaugurated a new season at Pacha Ibiza, but this summer 2018 is not any summer. The disco looked back, turned to its essence, its origins and released a reform, designed by the architect Juli Capella, who wanted to strengthen the roots with the island.

Pacha Ibiza

The white of its walls vs. The long night © Pacha Ibiza

“We have tried to be original, in the etymological sense of the word. To be original is to return to the origin, set aside our ego and our aesthetic preferences, and understand how the club was born, its history and its authenticity, ”says Capella who took as a reference Gaudí and his natural inspirations and the Ibizan architecture of rounded and white walls.

Pacha Ibiza was born in 1973 as a large country house, with several floors, white walls inside and out - probably the only discotheque in the world that is not a black box -, patios and terraces, and rooms with recesses that surrounded the track main and sought privacy and mystery. Over the years elements were added that ended up losing the essence of the club and with this reform it has been tried to recover what made it the world icon of the night it is today.

Pacha Ibiza

The baths, sacred place in Pacha. © Pacha Ibiza

The central track is still the hub of the disco, but with a couple of great novelties. On the one hand, it has been enlarged and reopened completely to be visible from any corner; and, on the other, the DJ booth has gone down, has risen to parishioners. The DJ (and more with the poster that Pacha has this summer) is still the revered king every night, but now he is equal to equal, looking straight ahead at all his followers to get a more unique experience.

Pacha Ibiza

The DJ is still the king, but only thanks to his audience. © Pacha Ibiza

Pacha is synonymous with fun, 80% of the brand is music (the remaining 20% ​​is gastronomy, the nightclub has its own restaurant, in addition to the all-night street food available on the roof and at its Destination Pacha Ibiza Resort hotel, the food is essential) and the disco needed a reform that installed the best sound in the world. It's a "back to basics, " they say from the brand. Music and fun the two keys that could not be forgotten. Although, by the way, with the work the building has become ecological and improved security.

All the elements so that Pacha Ibiza remains a destination disco. That is, the place and the reason why people from all over the world travel to Ibiza, on Thursdays to dance with David Guetta and his special guests, on Wednesdays to enjoy Cocoon this year , the Sven Väth session that for the first time In 19 years he moves here or the special and exclusive parties of Carl Cox or Calvin Harris. People travel to Pacha Ibiza and, by the way, stay on the island.

Pacha Ibiza

Ibizan white, Pacha white. © Pacha Ibiza

To achieve that, they needed to recover all the splendor of the disco, without forgetting elements that have made it famous beyond music . Like your private, more private, more spacious. Or their bars that are kept so that the waiters jump over them, always looking for that funny note that identifies Pacha. And, of course, the baths of Pacha, meeting point, meeting point, almost a second or third dance floor, and among all, those that represent the seven deadly sins continue to stand out . Because, yes, Pacha Ibiza continues to represent a night open to sin … if you want.

Pacha Ibiza

Cherries, summer and party symbol. © Pacha Ibiza