From Madrid to the Metro: the Instagram account that reconciles you with the metro with a laugh


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Traveling by subway shortens life. Well, in reality, we do not have scientific data to support this claim, but what we can verify every morning is that taking the suburban city of the capital tests even the most optimistic of the spirits. Long faces, pushing, waiting on platforms and escalators …
Reversing this bad emotional press seemed impossible until December 2017 was born from Madrid to the Metro (@demadridalmetro), an Instagram account that in six months and 33 photographs has conquered more than 7, 800 people.

Every Wednesday, these fans look forward to the photograph that, pulling a simple and effective mood, draws the name of the subway station chosen that week.

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The authors, Adrián Fernández, behind the camera, and Sergio Martínez, in front of her, are two Madrid students who threw themselves into this by chance, as the best projects are born.

" I always go everywhere with my backpack, " Sergio explains to “My classmates gave me a new backpack and started calling me the 'Mochila Niño'. To follow the joke, I told them that I was going to take a picture with her at each subway station and, speaking with Adrian, we came up with a funny twist . To do this, that day they pulled the Peruvian hat Sergio wore in his backpack and moved to the station in Cuzco, where this project officially started.

"He also wore the Argentina shirt and we went to the Argentina Republic stop ."

They started with the stations that allude to countries or cities and, afterwards, looking for common places in the mood that guarantee to reach as many people as possible, they extended their occurrences to other names that require a little more elaboration. Nor much, that in spontaneity is the key.

“We try to find something that is funny for people and that understands it. It's the easy joke. There is no elaborate process, ”he says.

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“What we usually do is that each one, with the map in his hand, thinks about his house and brings some ideas. We share them and choose the ones we both like. Then, we see what we need and we look for it at home or we ask it to our friends, ”he describes.
They also pull relatives, such as those uncles that Sergio was pressing so they would n't take long to finish the ham leg they had at home and be able to take the picture of Serrano . “Every week I was calling to see how they were doing. We took him to the station in a bag from which the hoof stood out, with a rope we tied him to the sign of the stop and the truth is that people were surprised ”.

And it is that they attract attention and arouse smiles, both analog and through the screens. “In Arganzuela I was dressed as an astronaut and people stared at me. Also in the one of La Granja, that I was a few stops disguised as farmer, with the shovel and the hoe, and the people watched us ”.

Curious moments treasure a few, funny reactions, many others, and also some creative challenges, such as the difficulty of framing photography at the Camp station or getting the image of Marqués de Vadillo. “It was the worst. We did it on San Isidro day to upload it the next day and the station was full of people. ”

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Among his favorites, Sergio is clear. Adrian not so much. “Adrián says one every day. Mine is Lavapiés because it is one of the first we did and with little we say it all. In addition, when I was a child on the subway with my sister and we went through Lavapiés, I always told her that there I had to wash my feet and in the end I could capture the anecdote.
Thus, from occurrence to occurrence, they are dedicated to rejoice on Wednesdays and earn a collection of followers that already threatens to become a legion.

“Since he's having so much hype, we want to keep doing it. For now, we want to continue in Madrid, until we finish the ones we can, the ones that match. ” Then, the jump will come to other cities. “We would like to go to another Spanish city, like Barcelona ; or to London, for which we are already thinking about stops. ”

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