Has anyone said tacos? These are the new best taquerías in Madrid


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With the permission of the tortilla chips with guacamole and pico de gallo, the tacos are the Mexican street dish that has crossed more borders.

Perhaps that is why it is also one of the biggest affected by gourmet mergers and 'pollution' in the purest Tex-Mex style.

It happens in many places in Madrid, except in these new taquerías, a list of which we could not leave out a classic craving that has just renewed its menu.

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CANTINA ROO (López de Hoyos, 13)

Tacos are one of the stars of Cantina Roo's letter, the new Mexican who has opened in the city to show that there is life beyond traditional recipes. And yet, being as godfather as the most genuine of the taquerías.

This is what happens when one insists on doing things (very) well, combining Mexican ingredients and recipes with the best of our national product.

In other words: Iberian lizard tacos marinated with shepherd sauce (with achiote), roasted on charcoal and served with an avocado foam. Or the piglet taco, the meat that substitutes the Mexican carnitas in this canteen and that is accompanied by pork rinds, cilantro, red onion and jalapeno vinaigrette to give it that essential spicy touch.

And although today we recommend Cantina Roo for the tacos, we can not fail to mention other proposals of his letter, such as his sea bass and prawn ceviche, the tempura prawn with Iberian bacon and tetilla cheese - wrapped in lettuce leaf to eat it with the hands, as if it were a Vietnamese nem- and the ravioli stuffed with huitlacoche and accompanied by emmental cheese, the best example of the very good couple that make Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine in this canteen.

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Here the tacos are made at the comal, the typical Mexican iron plate used to cook the tortillas with which the tacos and quesadillas are made in the streets of Mexico.

More authentic - considering how far we are from Mexico City - you can't. And that is precisely what they intend from 12 Chiles, the Mexican street food stall open at the Mercado de la Paz : to claim authentic Mexican cuisine, far removed from the Tex-Mex versions to which we have become ill-accustomed.

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Blanquita is the only one that approaches the comal, and the casseroles with the traditional stews that surround it. With them it is filling, one by one, each taco, quesadilla or chubby.

And it makes them one by one, in view of the public: cochinilta pibil, mole with chicken, chicken tinga, meat to the shepherd … and so on up to nine. Ideally, order them three by three (for € 10) and leave room to try at least one quesadilla with authentic Oaxaca cheese.

The choice is difficult, but we are left with the huitlacoche with cheese . By the way, everything here is homemade, from the guacamole to the tortillas with which they make the tacos, made one by one - we insist - by Blanquita.

Doce Chiles

Here the tacos are made at the comal © Doce Chiles


Mawey is not an ordinary taqueria, it is a signature taqueria . Which means that here the traditionality of the menu is allowed some other license, combining the stews and ingredients typical of Mexican cuisine with the best product of the Spanish.

Fusion, yes, but with discretion and much respect for this street dish. Modern too, but far from tex-mex. To be specified: in the most traditional section , taco de cochinilla pibil with X'nipec -sake originally from the Yucatan Peninsula-, governor with Oaxaca cheese and kikos powder, or Taco al Pastor with scallions, pineapple and coriander .

And with the chef's most personal seal, ear tacos and cuttlefish with habanero chili sauce, crispy cod, with romescu sauce of mulatto and avocado, cheek with poblano chili sauce and garden. And a lot of eye to his out of letter, because they are of those who do not disappoint.

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TEPIC (Ayala, 14)

Here there is no room for fusion. And we love it. The cuisine they practice at Tepic is popular, traditional, like the one that mothers and grandmothers have always done . But yes, reviewed and presented with a current and modern vision, that is why we are in the 21st century and more than 9, 000 kilometers away from Mexico City.

There are moles, tortilla chips, homemade tortillas -of wheat and corn-, aguachiles and, of course, tacos. And their elaborations are those that are for hours 'chop-chop' on the fire, made with ingredients so authentic that they grow in their own garden in Ávila -from the peppers to the avocados-.

The kings of the menu are the tacos al pastor, cooked with a meat marinated in the traditional style, with cane vinegar, and roasted on charcoal as it is done in Mexico - in a typical spin, one hundred percent artisan and with meat of first quality-.

They share menu and prominence with the chicken tinga tacos with refried beans, cochinita pibil, sirloin with roasted onion and wrapped in a tortilla with cheese, mushrooms and nopales, and even tacos of excellent battered fish, prepared following a recipe of Baja California. Each and every one of them deserves a couple of snacks, and more than one visit.

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THANK YOU FATHER (José Ortega y Gasset, 55)

The Salamanca neighborhood, at the height of José Ortega y Gasset street, has changed the brick to the palm of the Tulum beaches.

It's Thanks Father, the Mexican who has brought the aesthetics and the coastal atmosphere and his best-known dishes to the capital. Next to the tacos, with more than ten to choose from - the shepherd, carnitas, crispy fish, cochinita pibil, chicken tinga … - and about five quesadillas, the menu is completed with proposals such as tortilla chips, tamales, corn (corn cob), corn Mayan skis (a traditional stew made with corn kernels) and green chilaquiles with chicken.

Important note: here they are not friends of cutlery, and the idea is to eat practically the entire menu with your hands, just as if we were on a beach day looking at the Pacific.

Tacos al pastor de Gracias Padre

Tacos al pastor de Gracias Padre © Facebook / Gracias Padre

TAKOS AL PASTOR (Abada, 2 and Buttons, 7)

They came, they saw and they won. Takos al Pastor are still the kings of flavor and price (only one euro), because few such cheap tacos are so well resolved in Madrid.

They already have two stores in the capital and the lines are always endless, so we recommend that you go quickly. Once inside, you may not get a place and you have to eat it standing or on the street, but it is worth it.

Ask for any of the options on the menu, although for the first time, we have it very clear: soft -the fatty meat that hangs from the ribs of cow-, cochinilla pibil or chicken wire.

The presentation is like in the Mexican street stalls, served all together and on the same plate, accompanied by lemon wedges (lime, for us) to dress to taste.

There is no place - nor time - for fineness or gourmet presentations, which we have come here to eat with our hands and become very fine.

Takos al pastor

Traditional and impressive © Takos al pastor

DF BAR (Larra, 23 and León, 31)

His aesthetics are modest and maybe that's why he has entered us first through the eyes and then through the stomach. Because DF Bar has that authentic touch of the small Mexican tortillas, where only tacos, quesadillas are served and, as the name implies, cakes - on horseback between a hamburger and a stew sandwich.

The tacos are homemade, and the fillings very mother. From cochinita pibil, cooked with pork marinated in orange, or mole with chicken, with chili sauce, nuts and chocolate.

Although it is worth coming to Mexico City to try a different taco than all those offered in Madrid: the drowned chicken tacos, a fried corn tortilla and stuffed with chicken, 'drowned' in green tomatillo sauce with Lettuce, cream and cheese. Something like a dish of tacos in salsa.

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THE WILD GASTRO (Ponzano, 93)

Our list includes La Gastro Salvaje, the tapas and fusion tapas tavern of Chema Soer . And it sneaks not because he is a true Mexican, but because everything he does is very authentic, even Mexican recipes. We are in a tavern of tapas very street food, many of them inspired by Mexico and with the occasional Asian touch. And that's where the tacos come in .

The rib of wagyu with teriyaky and mint, cooked at low temperature for more than 12 hours ; or the artisan bao of cochinita pibil, a free interpretation and with a touch of fusion brand of the house, cooking the Mexican-style cochinita for hours, crumbled by hand and accompanied by kimchi mayonnaise.

The result is very surprising, and tremendously tasty.

La Gastro Salvaje

ÑAAAAM © The Wild Gastro

CASCABEL ROOM (Serrano, 52)

It is not new, but it is so good that it should always appear in any list of the best tacos in Madrid. And everything that comes out of the kitchen of this informal Mexican lounge - little brother of the very famous Punto MX - is pure vice, and what better excuse than the change of letter to recommend it again.

Among the novelties, two tacos: the soft shell, with soft shell crab accompanied by intense bean cream, pasilla pepper, lime and a crispy fresh carrot . Or the vegetarian taco, based on falafel, peppermint, black olives and yogurt, really surprising for how tasty it is .

It goes great with a touch of its new chipotile sauces and accompanied, of course, of the homemade guacamole and the fried brand house chips that, by the way, can be bought to take away and enjoy at home - for now they are only sold at the Club of the Gourmet of El Corte Inglés, but everything will go … -.

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