Portitxol: the cove that triumphs on Instagram


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The Instagram effect is unstoppable, unattainable and unpredictable. Get things as curious as people lining up to photograph themselves in the most beautiful bank in the world, that unicorn floats are exhausted, that we have colorful cereals for breakfast, that we wander through Malasaña until we find the blue wall full of eyes –ataviated with a color that matches, of course - or let's try the fish-shaped ice cream (taking the picture before it melts).

But fashion and crazy part, we must thank this social network for discovering some places that previously went unnoticed and now we can admire, taste or listen.

The famous church with three blue domes of Santorini - whose only indication is a sign with the typical photo at the beginning of the slope that leads to it - the wall of Joan Fontcuberta's kisses in Barcelona, ​​the cactus garden of Madrid or the Red Wall by Ricardo Bofill in Calpe.


Portitxol Creek, Mediterranean in its purest form © iStock

However, the latter has left competition: the Portitxol cove - or Barraca - located in Jávea and whose fishermen's houses with white facades and doors painted blue have become - another summer more - in one of the most instagrammed places from the Mediterranean.

Some have spent the whole summer vacationing there, others arrive by chance, and many because they have clicked on the Instagram location to find out where that ideal photo was made on the blue painted door.

“I love the Costa Blanca. We were spending a few weeks of sun and relaxation between Jávea and Calpe and decided to go to Cala del Portixol, admiring the impressive landscape of cliffs that line the coast, dotted with crystalline waters … a paradise! ", Says Pier.

"The white houses of the fishermen, with the doors and the windows painted blue, remind of the typical houses of the Greek islands. This photo represents the perfect combination between the minimalist landscape and the blue shirt with which Jordan poses, " he concludes.

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Cala del Portitxol, also known as Cala Barraca - a name that typical fishermen's houses receive - is about 900 meters long and is located between Cap Prim and Cap Negre.

It can be accessed on foot from the Mirador de la Cruz del Portitxol or by car from the Cabo de la Nao road. About 300 meters from the cove is the Illa del Portitxol, of great botanical wealth.

Portitxol alt=

The cove takes its name from the white houses of fishermen, called barracks © Getty Images

The barracks are privately owned and one of the claims of the cove, but there is much more.

The cove is ideal for those who hate sand as it is gravel and stones and a paradise for lovers of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking .

It has parking (although we recommend arriving soon as it is not very large), the restaurants Cala Clemence and La Barraca, maritime surveillance service, asos, hammock rental and umbrellas

Isla Portitxol

The island of Portitxol, of great natural wealth, is about 300 meters from the cove © Getty Images

Ana Patricia, who moved to Denia for work, says: "one day talking with a partner recommended me to go to this cove to two things: enjoy its wild landscape and its beach bar. The combination of white and blue houses of fishermen I found the most Mediterranean in the world, as I was not going to take a picture! Then I saw that there was a thousand like mine … ".

"Jávea is still unknown to me and I love discovering its corners: Montgo is magical, as are the villages in the interior. I also like to buy handicrafts and typical products in Gata de Gorgos, take a drink in the Riurau market in Jesús Pobre… I have many places to discover in the area but everything will go! ", Says Ana Patricia.

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“It was the first time I was in this cove. I had gone to others in Javea and Denia but this has undoubtedly become one of my favorites. I took the picture on this door because of its color, so simple and striking at the same time, "says Talia.

And he continues saying: "For me Jávea is one of the most attractive coastal destinations in Alicante, both for its coves with beautiful seabed for snorkeling and for its environment of mountains by the sea."

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“I chose that cove because it is one of the most beautiful in Alicante, for the restaurant, for the views… Javea is wonderful! The photo reminds me of the island of Santorini. What Jávea has special is the quality of the beaches and gastronomy. I go whenever I can, I go and one of my favorite places is La Siesta, ”says María Ramírez.

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"I had not been physically in this cove but I had signed it virtually on Instagram and online because when I travel I like to investigate the place I am going to visit, " says Paloma.

"I took the picture at that door because it seemed so photogenic to me that I immediately thought 'I already have the photo of the trip'. Besides, the evening light was perfect!" He continues.

For this inveterate traveler, "Jávea is special because my best friend is here for a summer and I have spent some summer spending a few days with her. Compared to the first time I visited her, some things remain the same and others have changed for the better. There are more restaurants and shops but its landscape and its coves still have the same magic as the first time, with its stone coves and mountains, "he concludes.

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"I've been to Javea many times, it's a good place to disconnect with friends, " says Javi.

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"A friend took me and I was delighted. I'll be back for sure!", Carolina began, from Mexico.

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