LGTBI Pride 2018: much more than a party


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The hotel places are scarce and the different spaces of the capital that are enabled for the different performances are already prepared for the party to begin. The LGTBI Pride 2018 has arrived, and with a well-loaded program.

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Undoubtedly the biggest attractions of the festivities are in the performances that we will find in the Plaza de Pedro Zerolo and in the Plaza del Rey .

The success of the Puerta del Sol spaces and, above all, Plaza de España, have made the 2018 MADO program be extended until the wee hours of the morning. In fact, there will even be a special Eurovision in which old glories such as Betty Missiego, Karina or the Baccara themselves will be present.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid preparado para el orgullo

Madrid City Council prepared for pride © MADO

Although the festive atmosphere will not stop in these ten days of celebration, it will be next Saturday, July 7 when it will reach its most effervescent point with the manifestation of the LGTBI Pride 2018 . It will start from the square of Carlos V at 17:30 with the banners of the first associations until the departure of the last floats, whose end is expected in the Plaza de Cibeles after midnight.

In those more than 7 hours of march, there will be party, music, but above all, vindication . After the demonstration, Madrid will offer an epic party weekend in its different spaces.

And in this fight for diversity, we wanted to meet some of its protagonists:


“As Katy Perry sings: Honey, you're a firework. So Pride is the outbreak of that fire that we are, ”Roy Galán

Behind one of the most cheered cultural phenomena in social networks are the kind eyes of a shy boy who dreams every night and every day with a world where equality reigns. A boy who played a writer and made the helm letters of a ship that has already crossed several oceans.

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Roy draws LGBTI Pride as a place, a physical and mental space from which to resist, “in which diverse people celebrate and claim our right to be, to love, to desire and in which we remind each other We're not alone I see that every time there is room for more pride. Before the feeling was that they "gave us" one day a year to have us calm and calm, but now the heartbeat is much more continuous in time, many sensitivities are added and this is thanks in part to the boom of feminism ”.

For Roy, Feminism and Pride have always gone hand in hand, and that is why he also considers it our responsibility that the Pride is not only identified with gay men. “Lesbians are the big ones invisible. And trans people don't even tell you. We cannot claim even if we do not provide it from within the collective. I am also concerned that the complex issue of surrogacy may fragment that historical and cosmic alliance between gay men and women. It worries me and saddens me, ”he says sincerely.

Roy during these days, will do what he knows best: write and share his feelings . On his agenda, he plans to go to the demonstration on July 7, and see the play Dice of Ventricle Veloz and José Padilla in the Theaters of the Canal - because Pride is also culture, he tells us - that talks about identity and right to be who we really are.

“I will also look at what the Critical Pride has summoned - because as I said all the proud fit in the pride - and what I do not intend to do is go to see Netta the winner of the Eurovision Festival as a protest to the " pink wash "that tries Become Israel at the cost of our struggle. We cannot allow a war to give us equal. Because then we are validating that the rest of the people as a collective also give them the same and especially because Pride is and must be a defense of life, ”he says.

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“We are always going to keep this Pride movement. The people of Madrid are very imperfect, but wonderful just for that reason ”, La Prohibida

Possibly the most famous drag queen of this country, with a spectacular race and tons of gray matter at full capacity . Great defender of equality and diversity, they ran rivers of ink in the newsrooms for their participation in the float of diversity of the Orgullo Vallekano collective in the last Three Kings' Cavalcade. Always faithful to the appointment with the LGTBI Pride, this icon of the culture of Madrid welcomes Traveler with his perennial smile.

Madrid se viste orgullosa

Madrid dresses proud © Getty Images

The Forbidden starts: “For me, Pride is, above all, a necessary and fun party . I love mass participation by all kinds of people. In the end, this party has become what we all wanted, a party with a message and in which everyone is welcome . Love is celebrated without distinctions and tolerance is celebrated even for those who disagree with the LGTBI collective, why not? ”

For the artist, the evolution of the LGTBI Pride has always been in progress. The laws have been favoring us more and more as well as the social conscience, which has been the best evolution we have been able to have. This year, his contribution will be from entertainment, working in the Viva Pop festival, which is one of the thousands of parties that are organized this year.

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In addition, La Prohibida insists that the Pride of Madrid is different because the capital is a very open city that welcomes people from outside. The character of Madrid is very direct and very complicit. And he concludes: “In addition, I would say that it is not a different Pride but a special Pride. In Spain we know very well to make the parties because we like to wander, fun in groups and with a certain control. We like dancing and enjoyment. The secret is the character of Madrid . Amen, sister


“You want a lot. Respect a lot. And above all, don't stop dancing and dreaming, ” Vurdalak DJ's

Vallecas celebrates for the second year its Pride of Neighborhood, an initiative that vindicates sexual and gender liberation for a society without social barriers, without differences, without economic or partisan interests, without inequality.

The Vallecas neighborhood has already been able to tell the world this Christmas through the Orgullo Vallekano collective, that it is possible to fight for equality and diversity without falling into clichés or a double standard.

The famous float of Orgullo Vallekano, the one that represented more than anything the diversity in the Reyes cavalcade, received dozens of threats and insults, paradoxically the same thing that homosexuals, bisexuals or transsexuals have suffered for decades. A faithful and horrendous reflection of the story itself.

El orgullo de Madrid por las calles

From neighborhood to neighborhood spreading pride © Getty Images

But all this has only served to further feed (if possible) the fighting spirit. The Pride of Neighborhood is presented this year with a program that includes all kinds of activities, including photography exhibitions and poetry recitals .

We wanted to have some of the protagonists and we came across David and Franc, the Vurdalak Dj’s, an entire institution in Madrid night.

For David, Pride is a date that in an equal world should not be celebrated, but as long as there is labor, social discrimination, bullying, imprisonment, executions and any sign of denial of rights to the LGBTI world population, it is necessary .

A shared post by David Vurdalak (@davidvurdalak) on Jun 28, 2018 at 12:46 p.m. PDT

“Like the Critical Pride, from Vallecas it is important to recognize other forms and other gay lifestyles: people from the neighborhood, worker, fighter and with economic difficulties that do not fit the prototype that many want to sell us and, about everything, an integration in the neighborhood that includes neighbors, people from outside and of all ages. That is one of the true celebrations and claims of Pride: diversity and respect everywhere, not only in Chueca . Any form of sociocultural manifestation that brings all those values ​​wherever it comes from is always welcome, ”he said.

Vurdalaks DJs will be playing on Saturday 30 in the Verbena Lgtbi that will be held at the Cerro del Tío Pío, the famous "Park of the seven tits", from six in the afternoon until dawn. They will have the presence of many artists with whom they will collaborate selflessly, "to make a fun family event, in which you are all invited wherever you come from, " as the couple tells us. Without a doubt, it will be the appointment of the year.


1. Be clean. The city of Madrid nowadays becomes a very attractive tourist attraction for many people from all parts of the globe, so it is counterproductive to turn it into a manure .

The fact of seeing more and more people carrying their own garbage bags and then depositing them in the containers enabled as reinforcement is already a relief. And this is a reality on the day of the Manifestation. Avoid sandals or flip flops that leave your foot exposed, you can step on some glass that ruins your day . The use of public restrooms is also important to maintain a clean and healthy city. Take an example.

Sé responsable durante el Orgullo

For a PROUD pride © Getty Images

2. Be responsible. One of the hallmarks of the LGBTI Pride celebration is responsibility. Undoubtedly, the scarcity of troubles caused by aggressions, violence or destruction of urban furniture is quite remarkable . Although not all are flower fields, because the number of reported cases of alcohol poisoning or illegal substances does not decrease every year.

In addition, as indicated by CESIDA, the youngest population (which includes adolescents under 20 years of age) is the one that is presenting more positive cases to different STIs, due to ignorance and an incipient loss of fear or respect for This type of diseases. Protecting you is protecting us.

3. Hydrate and rehydrate. With temperatures close to 35 degrees Celsius, getting into a concentration of thousands of people can be reckless, almost like doing a brunch in the mouth of the Kilauea.

Neither the cardboard fans nor the Roman vestal dress are enough to avoid sunstroke, heat stroke or dehydration. Whether in the demonstration, as in any of the appointments proposed by the city of Madrid, do not stop replacing fluids so that the body stays hydrated. Remember that alcohol also promotes dehydration. And protect yourself from the sun with a good sunscreen; You will avoid dislikes.

Haz el amor y no la guerra

Make love and not war © Getty Images

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