The restaurants of Barcelona that innovate from tradition


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Barcelona may seem like a city of extremes, and more when it comes to enjoying a good meal paired with the best wine . On the one hand there are its award-winning bistros, those that year after year appear in the most bombastic guides. On the other, the guiris bars that seduce tourists with plasticized menus and typical Spanish recipes that would scandalize any local stomach.

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How to pair the most amazing dishes of Barcelona

And yet, there is a small universe of restaurants that, like Montecillo Wineries, innovate from tradition, making the most demanding palates re-fall in love with the usual flavors and that the most classic diners are fascinated with the avant-garde.

En Gràcia encontrarás EL PLACER entre sus callejuelas estrechas

In Gràcia you will find THE PLEASURE among its narrow streets © Bodegas Montecillo

And where are these redoubts that are doing very well? Well, in a map revealed by Bodegas Montecillo in Gourmet & Tips by the hand of New Zealand gastronomic critic James Blick, an expert in everything related to Spanish food that provides that external vision capable of perfectly radiographing the benefits of our country. And in the case of Barcelona, ​​the mission, although complex, is very satisfactory because of the mix of good products and restless chefs .

This appetizing adventure begins with the Old Town, the district that has been most influenced by mass tourism and, at the same time, has best managed to recover from bad habits thanks to imagination and authenticity . Proof of this is Cañete, in El Raval, where Montecillo limited edition wines harmonize with lifelong recipes reinvented since dish and broth share freshness and that evolved roots so characteristic.

In this walk through the heart of the city you can not miss a good Catalan dish in Bodega La Puntual, where they have managed to merge the proximity kitchen with a reference letter capable of seducing every wine lover. Or Llamber, an Asturian with a Payesa soul (or vice versa) that has a wine menu menu where the best Rioja is not lacking. That is, Montecillo Gran Reserva.

Gràcia is still the most neighborhood neighborhood in all of Barcelona; a set of alleys with own idiosyncrasy where the modern does not rival the roots, but drinks from its sources. What is taken here is to make a forge lunch (lunch with fork) accompanied by a good reservation in La Pubilla, venerate the mixture of sea and mountains of Catalan cuisine in Cal Boter or sneak into a clandestine dinner at the house of some chefs in the Spoonik's magical experience.

The Sant Antoni-Poble Sec axis is the last gastronomic epicenter in which Blick discovers the city's new trends. Not surprisingly, this former working-class and industrial neighborhood has become the fashion zone and the best laboratory to test and measure the most daring proposals in comidist terms. And with the addition of having a very demanding public who is not seduced by fireworks or pure and hard spectacle . Here only the genuine triumphs.

The route of James Blick and Montecillo through this district begins mixing Peruvian and Spanish flavors in Mano Rota, continues in Sucursal Aceitera, an old oil shop where past and youth share a tablecloth and ends in Quinto Quinta, a space with 360º views where Slow Food philosophy translates into dreamlike meats. Three different kitchens, where the risk is cemented in quality and whose wineries can not miss the versatility of Montecillo wines.

And if this tour has known you little, uncork a good bottle of Montecillo and accompany James Blick to the kitchens and rooms of these nine restaurants .

See 7 photos

How to pair the most amazing dishes of Barcelona