Route 66 between the endangered places of the United States!


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The National Trust for Historic Preservation has published the most threatened historical places in the United States, an annual list that is already in its 31st edition and that includes the sites of its architectural and cultural heritage in danger of disappearing.

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The most threatened historical places in the United States

The objective of the list is to make the population aware of the importance of preserving these places, which are nominated by the public and selected taking into account factors such as their importance, if there are groups supporting their maintenance, the magnitude of the threat and the solutions for it.

The enclaves included in the list are found throughout the United States, including its territories in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, due to natural disasters suffered last year.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a private and non-profit organization based in Washington DC whose foundation dates back to 1949. Since then, it works to preserve the country's historic buildings, neighborhoods and heritage.

"We are the cause that inspires Americans to save the places where our history took place, " they point out from their website.

Annapolis alt=

The historic area of ​​Annapolis Pier (Maryland) © Getty Images

Among the threats to which these places are subjected are the lack of maintenance, natural disasters, restoration proposals that would alter the aesthetics of the building, etc.

The mission of this organization? Protect places that represent the past and the multicultural wealth of the US always encouraging the sense of community.

On its website we can find an action center, where people can expose the places that they believe should be protected, as well as a tab where they can donate to maintain the places in danger.

Almost 300 places have been included in the list throughout the 31 years that it has been carried out. Of these, less than 5% have disappeared during.

In addition, it includes a twelfth place called 'Watch Status', which is being subjected to a growing specific threat and that can be avoided or at least controlled. In this case, four villages in Vermont.

Royalton alt=

This year's Watch Status is occupied by four Vermont locations © Getty Images

In this year's list we find the historic districts of the Annapolis Pier (Maryland) and the Ashley River (South Carolina), Larimer Square (Denver, Colorado), all threatened by proposals that could endanger them.

Also included are Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital, a former hospital in the Omaha Indian Reservation, the Montgomery House, or the houses of Mary and Eliza Freeman, the oldest built by African Americans in Connecticut.

Larimer Square (Denver, Colorado)

Larimer Square (Denver, Colorado) © Getty Images

One of the places that has caused the most uproar has been Route 66. Congress has begun the appropriate procedures to declare it National Historic Road, but such legislation must be approved and signed by the Senate before the end of the year. The petition can be signed here.

The terrible hurricanes that swept through Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands left human, natural and historical losses.

Efforts to recover damaged properties face numerous financing constraints which may have put them in an alarming danger of disappearing.

You can see the complete list of the eleven most threatened places in the United States here.

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The most threatened historical places in the United States