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First doubt How do you write the most popular dish in Peru? The most exported, the great responsible for the country's cuisine is considered the best in the world and that in Madrid, for example, live this explosion. In Traveler we have decided to write ceviche, but we could also write cebiche, seviche or sebiche. Of the four forms it is correct, as Fundéu has confirmed, and of the four forms it is said and eaten.

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The best ceviches in Spain

Jaime Monzón, chef of La cebichería de Trafalgar, as he already announced in his name, decided that his, a recipe inspired by ceviches prepared by his grandfather, was written with 'B'. "Because after reading the different options on how to write it, the one that best suits me is with B, " he explains.

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The ceviche thai of Omar Malpartida in / M. © / M

With V, with B, with C or with S, in any case, “in the four ways it is equally rich, ” as Gonzalo Amorós, chef of El Inti de Oro says. And the trick for it is a good “ very fresh white fish ”. "If it's not fresh, it would be a crime, " adds Amorós.

It is perhaps one of the a priori recipes easier to replicate at home, even fast, but there are abysmal differences between a ceviche (or sebiche, or cebiche) and a GOOD ceviche.

And that was our second doubt, how do you make a good ceviche? The base is that fresh and white fish, but “one of the ingredients that can not be missing is the chili pepper”, says Miguel Valdiviezo, chef of La cevicuchería (he writes it with v) and Tampu.

Chili pepper or hot pepper is essential. As it is imperative that you carry coriander. And although we believe that ceviche admits all the ingredients we can think of, it is not so. That Peruvian cuisine is so rich thanks to its historical fusion does not imply that there are no certain limits. “ We should never put tomato, for example, or avocado, ” says Monzón.

"Fresh and white fish, a punch of lemon, a little salt, a little garlic, a point of chili pepper and you already have a great ceviche", reveals Amorós, in a quick recipe of a classic ceviche. "Pairing the fish with the lime for an hour, " said Omar Malpartida, the cook of / M, Luma and Tiradito. "Get out, chili and eat."

Well, that, to eat, after preparing it following these recipes and tips.

La cebichería de Trafalgar

The classic cebiche. © Trafalgar Cebichería

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The best ceviches in Spain