Recover and destroy the Deathly Hallows in this escape room inspired by Harry Potter


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Surviving a murderous hotel, escaping from a Russian prison, ending a dangerous mafia … The phenomenon of escape rooms is unstoppable.

Traps, riddles, padlocks, safes … Is there no obstacle that resists you? What if we add some magic to the matter?

The Room Scape, in Valencia, has just opened an escapism game inspired by the Harry Potter universe, specifically, in the last book of the saga, The Deathly Hallows.

"We believe it is a good theme that allows you to recreate a great atmosphere and immersion in the magical world, " they comment from The Room Escape to

Harry Potter

Ready for a magical adventure? © The Room Escape

Enter an adventure that will force you to deploy all your abilities (magical or not) to find the seven parts of the soul of Who-you-know and destroy them. Only in this way can you end the terrible Magic War in which the world is plunged.

Unlike the usual location of The Room Escape games, the magical castle where the experience of 'The Deathly Hallows' takes place will be located at number 6 of the Alcoy street in Valencia.

“We open in another place because we no longer fit in our initial location. We plan to open another room later in the same place, but for now we cannot give more details, ”explains The Room Escape team.

Voldemort alt=

Can you defeat the Dark Lord? © Alamy

The game has a duration of 90 minutes (in which you will have to solve the main mission and an optional secondary) and has two difficulty levels: normal and 'Sherlock'.

Two to six people can participate , but you know, how many more wizards Dumbledore's army has, the easier it will be to save the magical world of the Dark Lord.

The other two games they also offer are ' Wonderland' and 'Nightmare'. “They are also complex games but they have had and continue to be very successful, ” they comment from The Room Escape.

In ' Wonderland', the Cheshire cat has left you trapped in Wonderland and is not exactly a beautiful story for children …

The name of ' Nightmare' does not give rise to doubt: terror is served. You will become a group of friends traveling through Europe that stops to spend the night in a (apparently) quiet town.

The mayor offers to sleep in his mansion, poison you and faint. When you wake up, the locals are celebrating a kind of sacrifice that seems to be the protagonists … Run!

Pociones alt=

One of the scenarios of the Harry Potter saga, who doesn't remember Snape Potions classes? © Alamy

The game of 'The Deathly Hallows' opens this Friday, June 29 but you can make your reservation here.

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