Embolao: the waffle pizza that you can't miss in Madrid


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There are two products that Javier Aranda (Michelin star in his restaurants Gaytán and La Cabra ) especially likes, two personal weaknesses above high gastronomy and creativity: "Ice cream and hot dogs."

That passion was born Embolao, his latest gastronomic project that defines as "the illusion of four friends to undertake a new low-cost kitchen projects, but without neglecting the quality and know-how we have before."

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Embolao balls even on the walls. © Embolao

Embolao was born, for now, as a street food place in the heart of the Chueca neighborhood in Madrid. It is really street, to take, with only a high table to eat at the premises, although in the not too distant future they aspire to “turn it into a franchise, so that the product reaches many places”.

Inspired by street food in Hong Kong, Aranda has created a concept around the ball, the ball of the dough following the waffles with bubbles of the Asian capital, but that the Toledo chef has studied and modified until he comes up with a recipe Very natural staff (flour from an olive mill in Cádiz, eggs from a farm in Madrid) that allows you to combine it with sweet or savory.

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Puppy of parsley sausage, sweet mustard, cheddar, crispy onion and tomato powder. © Embolao

In Embolao, the mass of this waffle with bubbles that went viral for a time serves as a waffle as is, for snacks, for dessert or to kill a hunger late at night. Waffle folded into a cone to fill it with ice creams made in La Cabra's kitchen. Classic flavors, chocolate, vanilla, but you can also find news that comes from the creativity of Aranda. Once the ice cream is chosen , toppings are added , also many made by them: like marshmallows or Italian meringue clouds. And finally, strawberry, caramel or chocolate syrup.

But perhaps the most novel thing about this new concept is the use of that spongy dough, neither sweet nor salty, as the basis of small pizzas perfect for a quick lunch or dinner of friends. In these pizzas, the dough is the novelty, but the secret and unquestionable addiction is its tomato sauce, which has accompanied Javier Aranda since he has "use of reason." "It's my mother's recipe and it comes from home, made in wood fire, " he confesses. "This year we have even planted our own tomatoes to make it with more quality and more homemade if possible."

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Waffles: sweet or savory? © Embolao

Finally, the third dish of the menu is your beloved hot dog. Puppies, of course, they couldn't be regular puppies. Here they do not use the waffle dough, but a special butter brioche bread that they bake every day in the chef's kitchens . The sausages are bratwurst and on top it has toppings that give it the big difference.

"The dogs and waffles of Embolaos have the quality of Javier Aranda's cuisine, but above all, the passion I put into everything I do, the care with which I take care of my houses, " says the chef. “In addition, it has the avant-garde touches included in the different toppings and sauces. He is not a common puppy. ”

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Javier Aranda in his #Photoball. © Embolao

Among those toppings is the typical fried onion that they also make, but much more original is their puffed rice or pork airbag, cooked bacon, dehydrated and fried. Crowned with ketchup mustard, mustard sauces, but also other more original ones that give that touch of author and avant-garde: such as the hoisin sauce with natural strawberry puree or the Japanese yakiniku.

“Our way of working is based on that. We always have changes and we try to improve all products both in toppings and in the main product, ”says Aranda. "An example of this change and movement, is that every week we launch our 'product of the week."

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Puppy with hoisin sauce, lime mayonnaise, pickle and tomato powder. © Embolao


Because it is a different and fun concept of eating fast, a new street food for Madrid. But, above all, for that tomato in a waffle pizza that you didn't know you needed.


The "photoball." Everything in Embolao revolves around “the ball” of that original mass, and also does it in decoration. The walls of the premises in Chueca are covered with white balls that encourage instagramming freely.

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Sundays and Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm to 11pm. Friday from 17 to 00H. Saturdays from 16 to 00H.

Closed Monday.

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