No, it is not Provence: this lavender field is in Cuenca and this July you can visit


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Much has been written about the lavender fields of Provence . Visits to Brihuega and its magical festival have been highly recommended . Much less has been said, however, of those of the Alcarria Cuenca that also has them and, to the delight of our senses eager to flee the monotony of asphalt and concrete, wants to teach them to the world and share the fabulous beauty of which they are able.
Therefore, this July the first visits to Lavandaña, the only lavender plant in the Cuenca town of Huete after which Mercedes De Loro, Maite Bermejo and Pedro Corpa, start. It is precisely Pedro's daughter, Coral Corpa, the architect of this initiative that emerged as her final degree project in Tourism.
They have been cultivating this plant for seven to eight years, although they clarify that they started three years ago with Lavender and the cosmetics they make based on the lavender they collect in their two fields of one hectare each. Precisely, it will be one of them that you can visit from Monday to Friday between July 4 and 31.

No, no es la Provenza: este campo de lavanda está en Cuenca y este julio se podrá visitar

Sunsets that are magic © Lavandaña

Mercedes explains to that "the plant is already in bloom, but at the beginning of August it must be reaped." Hence the brevity of the period suitable for visits.
These will start at 7:00 p.m. from the Huete Tourist Office (Plaza de la Merced, 1), where attendees are summoned to take their own vehicle. From there, the group moves to the lavender field that is about 4 and a half kilometers from the town.
“First we go to a cave-house excavated on the hill of Castillo. There an explanatory video is projected with which people can visualize the whole process. You can also see the essences, soaps and cosmetic products, ”says Elena Coronado, founder of Cuenqueando, the company that manages these visits.

With the sun already lower and close to caramel to achieve a snapshot of postcard, the next stop will take visitors to the lavender field.

“We leave the cars about 400 or 500 meters and take a walk to the countryside. There, with Lavandaña, the whole elaboration process is explained, from the plantation to the harvest, and we take the opportunity to take some pictures at sunset, watching the sun enter through the lavender ”, describes Elena.
The visit will end with "a tasting of lavender liqueurs and liquor creams, accompanied by typical sweets from the area, " he adds.

No, no es la Provenza: este campo de lavanda está en Cuenca y este julio se podrá visitar

Can you imagine walking through this field? © Lavender

Yes, liquor and lavender cream. “We made it in a distillery in Toledo with our alcohol-based recipe , with our lavender and food lavender. It has a graduation of 25 degrees. The cream, 15 ”, explains Mercedes.

The visits, which can be booked through the website of Cuenqueando or the Tourist Office of Huete, have a cost of 5 euros for adults and are free for children under 12, who instead of watering it with Liquors will do it with soda.
“The Alcarria de Cuenca is spectacular. For me it is the new Tuscany ” . The speaker is Elena, who does not hesitate to encourage people to visit her. "Here they are used to these spectacular landscapes, but you have to come see them."

No, no es la Provenza: este campo de lavanda está en Cuenca y este julio se podrá visitar

Pedro Corpa, one of the members of Lavandaña © Lavandaña