Eating by the eyes in Madrid: extraordinary gastronomy for foodies wanting action


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No, this report does not include a review of the best squid sandwich in Madrid . Nor does it reveal where the most juicy tortilla skewer is hidden, nor the most generous lid. If you were looking for this, you better come back where you came from.

Have you stayed? That means that you are hungry but that you have lost the desire to eat. That everything tastes the same to you. That you have seen so much stuffed with exotic things and so much avocado stuck in any dish that you no longer have the ability to surprise yourself. If you clicked here, it is because you need urgent help.

Congratulations: the first step is to recognize it. The second, open your eyes and mouth well to devour culinary proposals that will resurrect your foodie spirit . Hold on, that a shock therapy is coming with extra strong doses of salty and sweet eccentricities.

Our foie nigiris flambéed with their sauce and with a touch of raspberry will make you love sushi even more! ? A whole explosion of flavor on your palate. #Kanbun #sushi #restaurantesmadrid # fusion #nigirifoie A shared publication of KANBUN (@bekanbun) on Jul 19, 2016 at 12:54 p.m. PDT


“Sushi lover seeks original restaurant for long term relationship” . This phrase describes every person who melts before some makis with wasabi but needs to look away from both salmon and bluefin tuna.

In Kanbun the solution is served: they say goodbye to these fish that already come out of our ears and welcome the foie. As you hear it, its foie nigiris flambé with sauce pin you to the chair of this unprecedented oriental tavern. A new twist of sushi that leaves permanent sequels in your memory.

Order medium and try more! ? We have a selection of our dishes that you can order in half a serving. So do not escape the dessert? - #enkuocosecomerico # kuoco360food #kuoco #madrid #chueca #cocinaconpasion #igersmadrid #foodiesmadrid #purosabor # 7potencias #tasty #ociomadrid #restaurantesmadrid A shared publication of Kuoco 360 (@ kuoco360food) on Jan 20, 2017 at 2:15 PST


Venezuelans who have made Madrid their home will longingly remember street food vendors on the beaches of their country.

Kuoko 360 Food, avant-garde laboratory of fusion cuisine, offers gastronomic trips with its 7 Asia / Caribbean Powers, a seafood cocktail that is credited with the miracle of eradicating hangovers and stimulating libido. In Kuoko, they also print the Asian seal of the house.


The cult of Galician terriña cuisine is not at odds with innovation in the kitchen. Chef Pepe Solla installed Atlántico Casa de Comidas in Madrid to play with the regional culinary tradition respecting its basic pillars.

There he gave life to dishes as unique as citrus caldeirada with corvina, an acid reinvention of this almost ancestral northern stew . It is a challenge for those who cling to the usual kitchen, who will see their palate wondering why this fish soup tastes a bit like ceviche.

Thanks to @conelmorrofino for highlighting Atlántico Casa de Comidas! They say the level was high, but that "Caldeirada, with a spicy point, with the fish of the day, that day was croaker, is possibly the dish that we liked the most". What is your favorite Atlantic dish? #PepeSolla #CocinaGallega #Madrid # AtlánticoCasaDeComidas A shared publication of Atlántico (@atlanticorestaurantes) on Apr 18, 2016 at 5:21 p.m. PDT


Dipping bread as if nothing is a thing of the past. Blessed Madness has taken a small step for restoration but a great step for the science of herding in sauce: the bread cook stuffed with beef strogonoff . This dish must be described from outside to inside.

A huge loaf of bread serves as a bowl for the most famous Russian stew in the world. The meat sauce soaks the crumb of the bread and … the fork is sent for a walk to start a piece of "bowl" and eat to the bottom of the plate, literally.

Dishes "take bread and dips" We do not exaggerate, you will not leave crumbs ? #foodsharing? #tevienesacenar #cenasricas #pancook #strogonoff #strogonoffdecarne #strogonoffcarne #urbanfood #instafood #bread #ternera #instafoodie #platosmolones #foodpic #benditalocura #niceplace #sitiosconencanto #madridtecuida #instafood #comfood #company #foodfood #company #foodstuff #install # foodstuff #install cenita #instafood A shared publication of Bendita Locura Madrid (@benditalocuracoffee) on Jun 22, 2018 at 8:39 PDT


Have you ever tried nature made dessert? I already tell you no. In Religion Coffee they have the gift of making impressive cakes without more tricks than those offered by natural food. The raw vegan cheesecake has a delicate and healthy look that does justice to its flavor.

Although it has no additives or sweeteners, nuances of cheese and violet induce madness. The recipe is very secret, we only know that it is made with nuts, cranberries and maple syrup. Nothing around here, nothing over there, and a dessert appears from those who make history.

Pasen y prueben esta delicia: cheesecake crudivegana en Religion Coffee

Come and taste this delight: raw cheesecake in Religion Coffee © Religion Coffee


Here is the paradigm of what it means to eat by the eyes. We are not teasing you: this soap is edible and worthy of being eaten.

La Antoñita, the restaurant of the Posada del Dragon, recalls the times like soap with a dessert never seen before on a Spanish table. With a texture between mousse and ice cream, white chocolate and violet soap is taken with a very soft lemon lime foam. Nothing more to add, your honor.

Jabón parece, jabón no es…

Soap seems, soap is not … © Posada del Dragon


We have been in the 21st century for almost two decades and there are still people determined that veganism is eating lettuce with tofu every day of the month. Luckily there are places like Delish Vegan Donuts that fulfill the social mission of banishing false kitchen myths.

In this cafeteria of New York airs they have found the magic formula to transform any food into vegan donuts that taste like glory. As if that were not enough, they take advantage of creativity and bake wonders such as maple donut and crunchy smoked coconut, a tremendous shot of vegan pastry.

Buenos dias! Just a couple of days left before we go on a summer break! Better come get your Donut fix quick ?? ✨ (repost? @Erikiva). . . #vegan #govegan #veganfood #whatveganseat #plantbased #crueltyfree #dairyfree #vegansofspain #vegansinmadrid #veganosenmadrid #vegandonuts #delishvegandonuts A shared publication of Vegan Donuts | Madrid (@delishvegandoughnuts) on Jul 26, 2017 at 11:44 PDT


Let's say it again: Roquefort cookies . Biscuits. Roquefort Together in the same dessert. You thought it impossible but you have it before your eyes, Le Bec-Fin has joined your two passions in a perfect fusion. In this bakery they design each piece as if it were a jewel.

A lot of care for the kitchen and an imagination without brakes are born pasta like this, with a role of blue cheese that causes confusion and delight in equal parts.

Not so much into sweet delicacies? Don't fret. We also bake savory bites, like these blue cheese cookies that will delight all cheese lovers out there. A shared publication of Le Bec-Fin Madrid (@lebecfinmadrid) on Feb 26, 2018 at 3:33 PST